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HCG and hair loss: know the facts

While losing excess weight is something obese men or women try to achieve, few of them succeed in getting realistic results. For various health and lifestyle related reasons many of them cannot hit gyms or adhere to specific weight loss plans. Even when they adhere to a diet, the side effects and reactions deter a majority of them. It is natural to experience some changes in body when you adhere to a diet. Lack or abundance of nutrients triggers reactions in human body. For followers of HCG diet, this can be an issue. This is a hormone based weight loss diet in which you need to stick to a preset calorie limit on daily basis.

This diet relies on human pregnancy hormone. When you intake this hormone through drops and injections, it is natural that your body will react to it. One of the common effects of HCG diet is loss of hair. However, there is nothing to be alarmed when this happens to you. HCG does not trigger hair loss itself. Besides, this hair loss phase does not last for a long time.  However, it can be caused by nutritional deficiency while you adhere to the diet.

In some cases, weight loss candidates experience accelerated balding owing to presence of genetic balding genes. When you undergo a diet, your body undergoes drastic changes in food habit and stress. This can trigger androgenic alopecia, also called pattern baldness. Some doctors are of the view that application of HCG increases testosterone levels in body. This gets converted into DHT which causes shrinkage of hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

After consulting with your doctor, you can use multivitamin supplest when following the HCG weight loss diet. You can find vitamin supplements that can be used by HCG candidates online. While adhering to the diet, you cannot eat several kinds of foods including fat, sugar and oily foods. This can also led to hair loss as nutrients may not reach hair roots in desired amount. You can apply external hair serum and products to stop hair loss. However, they should not be oil based as oil based skincare products are not allowed for HCG diet candidates. It would be a good idea to resort to HCG books written by experts to know how you can cope with side effects including hair loss. These books are available online as well as in regular bookstores.

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