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Food preparation simplified for HCG diet followers

Excess body weight can lead to a plethora of mental and physical hazards for both men and women. Unfortunately, the prevalent weight loss methods do not work well for each obese man or woman. Apart from limitation of weight loss diets and plans, the failure of such methods can also be attributed to doubts and conflicts of candidates who follow them. For example, those who pursue weight loss diets are often unsure about picking the right kind of foods. This can be problematic for them. Especially, HCG diet followers find making foods as per directions and recommendation a tad difficult. Often they fail to get expected results from the weight loss diet because they cannot prepare foods in the right manner.

If you are planning to start HCG diet to lose excess weight, it is important that you know what the ways to make food for this diet are. Calorie control plays a very important role in this diet, and so you need to pick each and every ingredient including spices, salt, and sweetener carefully. The diet is divided into three phases, and your food plans need to be changed for each phase for getting the desired results.

For making foods for first phase of HCG diet, you can use Virgin Coconut oil in raw form.  It stimulates metabolism and it helps in burning fat effectively. In HCG diet you cannot use sugar at all. Stevia is recommended for cooking sweet dishes. However, ensure that Monosodium Glutamate is not used as it can interfere with weight loss. You should also avoid eating sugary fruit drink and beverages during this stage. You need not starve yourself at breakfast time ad instead divide the meal in to 6 parts.

In stage 2 of the diet, our daily calorie intake limit is 500 calories. You can take selected animal protein sources, some fruits and vegetables. It would be good if you limit protein intake to 100 grams. You can also have a cup of vegetables minus oil. You can also have salads minus dressing and fatty condiments. It would be good if you use boiling and baking to make dishes at this stage of diet. You can also use organic produce for better results. Using thermogenic herbs and spices can boost up metabolism and enhance flavor of cooked dishes too.

In the last stage, which is also called maintenance phase, the calorie restriction is lifted. However, you need not break free and go on a fat food gorging rampage! You can make use of web for finding HCG friendly recipes. You will be able to find specific recipes with detailed cooking instructions for each phase of the diet.  There are plenty of HCG diet cookbooks too.

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