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Facts about Stevia usage that can aid HCG diet candidates

For weight loss aspirants who try HCG diet, using sugar is totally restricted. If you try this weight loss plan you cannot use sugar for making any food, whether it is juice or soup. The recommended product for adding sweet taste to foods for HCG candidates is stevia. This is derived from a plant that belongs to same class as lettuce and marigold. It is useful for making food sweet and can stand heat up to 392 degrees. It is almost 300 times sweeter compared to regular sugar. This is a calorie free herb which means it does not have any impact on blood sugar level. In fact, it Southern areas of the USA it has been used for decades.

When you use stevia in HCG diet meal preparation, you need to know the suitable ways to use it. This will help you in making foods tasty. Stevia is available in both liquid and dry form and depending on the food you make, at times you may have to use both.

Ways to use stevia in place of sugar

Since stevia is far more concentrated than sugar, you will need to use it in much less quantity than sugar. If you are baking, mix the stevia with flours and other dry ingredients. When you use liquid form of this natural sweetener, it is okay to take 1 tsp for a cup of regular sugar. For smaller amounts, you can use a dropper. There are some limitations of banking foods with stevia. It will not make the surface of food brown like sugar.

Ways to purchase stevia

It would be good if you buy liquid stevia for making beverages like coffee, tea and juices. Liquid stevia is also sold in some flavors including chocolate, cinnamon and orange. You can find stevia powder in many stores and supermarkets. However, you can also place order for either liquid or dry forms of this sweetener at online stores. If you want to use stevia in its most natural form, buy it from an organic herb shop.  Some people walk an extra mile and buy stevia plant.

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