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Ensure you avoid pitfalls while following HCG diet and take steps to augment it

Losing excess weight may be a priority for obese men and women but not all of them achieve equal results from weight loss measures. Trying exercise remains out of bounds for many of them. For busy schedule and health factors many obese persons cannot hit the gyms either. The popular weight loss diets often come with associated risk of obesity. However, of late, the popularity of HCG diet, which is driven by hormone, has gone up considerably. You can try this weight loss plan to shed excess weight. However, to gain maximum benefit from it, you need to evade the pitfalls. By practicing a little caution you can shed weight without suffering from side effects.

To get the most out of HCG weight loss diet, you need to be careful about what you want and how much you take every day. While the suggested amount of daily calorie will vary from one phase to another, you should not eat more than daily suggested limit. Otherwise, you may pave way for regaining the lost pounds.

It is also important to prepare your meals the right way when you are adhering to this weight loss diet. It would be a good idea not to mix up the vegetable options you have. However, it is ok if you mix up the meats you want to eat. Try to avoid meat that is heavy in fat. Chicken and turkey can be tried along with sea fish. You can have colorful vegetables at times for variety’s sake.

A mistake many HCG diet candidates make is not taking adequate amount of water per day. You should keep your body hydrated and water is the best fluid for this purpose. At times, taking herbal tea made with stevia can be taken. However, even when you are outside and feel thirsty resist the temptation of buying carbonated and sugary sodas.

At times, you may not be able to avoid eating out with colleagues. The same can be said about occasions and dinners that you have to attend. Try your best not to gorge on junk foods and fried dishes at such occasions. You can have salads and soups at those places before main emails to control your appetite and calorie intake to an extent.

At phase three of the HCG diet, you can use oil for cooking. However, refrain from using too much cooking oil and rely on oil secreted by meat and other foods for cooking. It would be good if you buy the vegetables and fruits from an organic food store. This may be a tad heavy on your wallet but fresh organic fruits and produce is way better than preserved varieties you can find at cheaper rates.

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