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Commonplace myths about the HCG weight loss diet: Get your facts clear

Obesity haunts a large part of human population across various age groups. To cope with this health menace, there are a number of weight loss measures that can be tried. However, misconceptions and wrong ideas regarding excess weight and weight loss methods persist. This makes things even more difficult for weight loss aspirants. They often feel selecting the right weight loss plans hard owing to these cobwebs of misconceptions. HCG based weight loss plans are quite popular these days and misconceptions and myths also exist about it among the mass.

If you want to lose excess weight and want to opt for this weight loss plan, it is time you get your facts clear on it. This will help you in getting the most out of the weight loss plan and avoid mistakes made by some dieters.

One popular myth on HCG is that it is essentially a low nourishment diet. However, the truth is that HCG diet tends to reduce calorie consumption and still maintains nutrient intake. At times, some candidates may develop calcium or protein deficit but they can make up for it after the diet regime is over. In short, the diet does not create any serious nutritional deficiency problems.

Another prevalent myth about HCG diet is that it reduces calorie consumption drastically. While it is true that for the initial days, candidates are restricted to take foods that do not exceed 500 calories a day, this does not last for long. In the final phase of the diet plan, they are allowed to return to near normal daily calorie intake. It does not hamper physiological activities as such.

A lot of people think that HCG weight loss diet makes the candidates develop a habit of skipping their breakfasts in long run. This is not true at all. While doing the diet, you can divide your meals through small portions throughout the day. So, if you take something with tea, you can eat a dish less during lunch so that calorie intake remains within limit. This way you can avoid developing habit of missing breakfasts.

Many HCG diet followers feel afraid to drink much water while they are on the regime. They mistakenly think that it will lead to water retention and hamper fat burning process. However, drinking water does not do any harm to fat burning or metabolism as doctors say even when you are on a diet.


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