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Top Indian herb and spices that can help you becoming slimmer

There are plenty of diets and foods you can try for shedding excess fat from your body. However, the plethora of options can often leave users perplexed. There are so many foods that you can eat but how do you know what will be suitable for your weight loss regime. It is good if you can try some herbs and spices in your meals. In fact, there are a number of Indian foods and spices you can try to lose weight. These foods also have proven benefits for health and you will benefit in numerous ways if you eat them. Of course, it is important to cook the foods in right way, using less oil. You can use mustard oil for cooking several Indian foods.

Turmeric – This is one widely used spice used in Indian cuisine, all over the country. It has a compound named Curcumin which is good for cardiovascular health, as suggested by several studies. Regular usage of turmeric in foods can help lower the level of bad cholesterol. It also helps in regulating blood circulation, and prevents possibilities that lead to cardiac attacks. It is better if you can use turmeric in raw form and grind it instead of buying powdered variants from market.

Chilies– Chillies are widely used in Indian cuisine and they are also useful for making spicy pickles. They not only make foods spicy but enhance metabolism in human body. They contain a compound called Capsaicin which is responsible for this. You can use green chillies in foods and side dishes.

Cardamom– This herb has proven thermogenic properties. When you use such herbs in your foods, your body is able to burn fat more effectively. It also helps human digestive system to an extent. You can use it in making many foods and also with herbal tea. It has a nice aroma that lends its flavor to the foods you cook with it.

Curry leaves – You can benefit in your weight loss goal by incorporating curry leaves in your meals. These leaves contain compounds that help human body in discarding toxins. They are also good for fighting fat deposit in body and lowering amount of harmful cholesterol.

Moong dal – These Bean Sprouts are enriched with multiple vitamins and minerals including potassium and iron. Owing to its low fat content, you can include this in your weight loss meals. It is also a good source of vegetable protein and fiber; both are suitable for weight loss aspirants.

Buttermilk – you need to be careful about the drinks you use to lose weight. Buttermilk is used widely in many areas in India. This is ideal to cool your body in hot summer days. This sour fluid keeps you full for quite some time but it does not contain much fat. You can drink it instead of soft drinks when you feel thirsty. In fact, it contains fewer amounts of calories than plain milk.

Cinnamon and cloves- These two spices are also used in Indian cooking a lot. Cinnamon can be used for preparing herbal tea as well. These herbs have proven thermogenic attributes. They also offer you other health benefits apart from weight loss. You can grind these aromatic spices at home and mix with various dishes while cooking.

 While including Indian herbs and spices will help you in combating obesity to an extent, you may need more. Apart from altering foods you eat, you can try out fully fledged weight loss plans. HCG based weight loss programs can be useful to you. You can get in touch with suitable health experts and doctors on this regard.

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