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Top 20 Best Selling HCG Diet Books

The popularity of HCG diet among obese lot does not need much introduction nowadays. In last few years, this hormone based weight loss diet has gained a lot of popularity and number of followers is only going up with time. Food plays a very important part in this weight loss plan. If you adhere to this weight loss plan, your daily calorie intake limit is restricted only to 500. This can be tough to follow, especially if you are new to this. To ensure that you adhere to the calorie limit and eat foods that are approved for this diet, you may need the aid of HCG diet books. There are some useful books available in market aimed for followers of HCH based weight loss plans. You can buy these books and cook foods that help you in reaching your weight loss target. It is possible to order these books online if you cannot find them in nearby book shops.

“Break the Cycle” (Get off that Weightloss plateau and learn about the HCG True Diet) – This book is the top selling book at Amazon on HCG diet. This book is penned by Robert L True, who is an expert about HCG True Diet. The book provides valuable information regarding HCG diet and how following it you can lose weight effectively without any adverse effects.

Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity this book written by none other than venerable Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, considered as the proponent and inventor of HCG diet, is still regarded as a milestone in history of weight loss studies. Simeons spent nearly 2 decades of his life in tweaking weight loss plan that the mass can follow. It is a long term thing and number of people who got benefit from it is quite impressive. The only possible limitation of the book is that Dr. Simeons was limited by medical research and scope of the topic at his time. This book was actually meant for researchers and health experts and so common users may find it a tad too hard to follow. Besides, medical research and studies in weight loss have progressed considerably in the 50 years after he finished the book.  A rehashed version of the book is also available.

Effect of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin on Weight Loss, Hunger, and Feeling of Well-Being Written by Dr. Harold W. Harper and Dr. W.L. Asher, this scientific study was first published way back in 1973 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was the first study of its kind to show that HCG helps fat persons to lose excess weight and control hunger pangs while dieting. Since it is a hardcore scientific study, common users may find it difficult to digest it properly. As a matter of fact, it does not help you to lose weight as such, but you can gain knowledge on HCG by reading the study.

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide Written by Linda Prinster, this book is considered a very comprehensive book on HCG diet, in fact, almost second to the book written by Simeons. While the author is not a doctor it is clear that she spent doing research on various nuance of hormone based weight loss and HCG for long time. She has done research on all variants of HCG weight loss plan including homeopathic HCG. The best part is that the book is easy to read and follow and for a first time user, nothing can be better. However, there are some detractors of this book as well.

The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About Composed by Kevin Trudeau, this is one popular book on HCG diet that has many followers. The USP of the book is that the author has used fluid and simple writing style and language.

HCG Weight Loss Guide by Nicole Barnard is another HCG diet book that deserves a mention. The best part about this book is that you can access this book at the site lulu.com free of cost. The book has some recipes for ever part of HCG diet.

101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes book developed by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier has 101 recipes meant for HCG Phase 2 foods like salads, beverages and soups. Apart from the recipes, this book also comes with effective tips for HCG diet followers.

My HCG Tracker Written by Tiffany Prinster, this book is aimed at HCG diet followers who are in phase 2 and 3 of the weight loss diet. It helps you in tracking food that you eat during this weight loss regime. You can understand whether you are adhering to the diet plan properly or not, with this handy book with you.

Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol is a brief guide for followers of HCG diet. It also includes useful nutritional food charts on nearly 1000 foods and drinks. You can easily find out which food you are allowed to eat or not at each stage of the diet, which can be helpful.

Over 201 Worry-Free HCG Maintenance Recipes As evident from the name, this book by Linda Prinster and Leanne Mennemeier is meant for those who have completed the course of the diet and now are in maintenance phase. The dieters at this phase are often unsure about what foods they can eat to ensure the lost weight does not come back! The book contains some yummy recipes that will not leave your taste buds dull. This book also has useful tips for phase 3 of HCG diet and a summary on Dr. Simeon’s philosophy.

The HCG Diet Cookbook – By Melisa Bitter, this book is aimed at those fat persons who always think and say that diet foods taste bland. It does include several recipes that do not deviate from Dr Simeon’s original weight loss protocol. You can also learn about suitable spices and herbs that you can use for cooking HCG friendly food.

HCG Diet Made Simple written by Harmony Clearwater Grace this book also answers some frequently answer questions on HCH diet. 22 pages of the book contain some interesting recipes for the followers of the diet. Besides, you also get tips to avoid eating various forms of sugar.

Your HCG Diet Recipes And Tips -composed by Sadie Salazar and Jaime J Edmund is another handy HCG diet book for followers of this diet. It is easy to follow and understand.

The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook: Over 200 “Low Calorie” Recipes for the “HCG Phase”- written by Tammy Skye contains several low calorie yummy recipes for HCG diet followers. This comprises of several mouthwatering and healthy salads, meat dishes, soups and sweet desserts. Buying this book will help you in adhering to the weight loss plans without disappointing the foodie in you.

Eat to Live – written by Susan Steinlauf this book is meant for HCG diet followers, who need fat and gluten free foods.

The HCG Diet Book of Secrets: Stabilizing after HCG and Staying Slim Forever –This book, also composed by Harmony Clearwater Grace, The author reveals the secrets to retain the slender figure obtained through much hardship by eating right kind of foods.

Apart from these 15 books, there are many more books on HCG diet recipes you can read and gain benefit from. They include ‘25 Quick & Easy HCG Recipes’ by Ann Chambers, ‘HCG Diet Recipes: More Taste, Less Hunger’ by Max Vance. You can also read books like ‘The Super Simple HCG Diet: A Personal Guide & Journal to a New Thinner You’ by Kathleen Barnes and ‘The HCG Diet Bible: The Essential Guide to the Popular HCG Diet Plan’ by M Smith.


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