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Things to be aware of if you want to eat out while on HCG diet

You cannot help but become careful about the type of food you eat when you are on a diet. This is even more applicable if you are on HCG weight loss regime. In this weight loss diet, you have to adhere to very low calorie diet every day. Discarding sugar and fatty condiments is a must. Besides, you have to avoid eating a lot of fatty and junk food. However, it may so happen at times that you may need to eat out and this may make you worried. Despite your best desires, eating at restaurants and food joints can be unavoidable. You may find refusing some close friend or colleague nearly impossible and join them for a night out.

Below listed are some useful tips that will help you in sticking to HCG diet guidelines as far as possible, even when you eat out.

Planning in advance– Simple as it may sound, a little planning before you actually eat out can help you avoid any deviation. You know what kind of foods and oils you are not allowed to eat when you are on this diet. You can check out a menu of the restaurant or fast food joint beforehand. For example, if you have a plan to go to MacDonald, you can check for low calorie burgers and sandwiches they have on their menu.

Carry dry and low calorie fruits when you are outside– Sometimes you may not plan to eat outside but that may just happen. Ina situation when you have to stay outside for a few hours and hunger pang strikes you, you may feel like going to restaurants. However, this can easily be avoided if you carry dry fruits. Of course, you can carry fresh fruits like apple and orange with you. Carrying such fruits is not difficult and you can take them as a whole and slice and eat when you want. These may not satiate the hunger totally but will stop craving for junk food.

Rely on salads-When you have eat out while you are adhering to this weight loss diet, try to use salads as far as you can. Try to stick to vegetable based salads, including those comprising of leafy green vegetable like lettuce and spinach. However, there is nothing wrong in having salads that have boiled lean meat like chicken or beef slices. You can check with the restaurant to know how the salad is actually made. You can carry the salad dressing or avoid dressing altogether. Of course, you can add spices and herbs that can enhance the taste of salad without adding excess calories. For example, you can sprinkle lemon, black pepper and ginger on top of salad. You can also carry stevia that you can mix with dishes that are meant to be sweet otherwise.

Do not succumb to peer pressure– A lot of people surrender to pressure when they adhere to diet and need to eat outside. Nothing can be worse for the followers of HCG diet. You should have the guts to say no to eating junk and cope with peer pressure, no matter how close friends they are. It is about your health and well being.

Research online for HCG friendly foods-As is the case with any thing in life and career, the internet can be your best option for finding HCG friendly food you can eat outside. This will not take much time either. Make a list of such foods and keep it with you. Whenever you have to eat out, stick to the safe food list by all means. In fact, you may find restaurants that serve low fat foods in any region with several online and mobile apps. Use technology to your advantage, in this case. Of course, there are plenty of books written by doctors and HCG diet experts that can be of use to you in this regard. These books contain information on HCG friendly foods that are available at restaurants.


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