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New Study indicates low carb diet can be effective to fight obesity

There is no end of weight loss measures if you look around the market. Despite the fact that no single weight loss therapy can be treated as a miracle cure for shedding excess flab, obese lot leave no stone unturned to get slimmer. That explains why obesity drug makers and proponents of diets rake in the mullahs every year! Needless to say, medical community is always on lookout for new methods and therapies that can tackle this health menace that has emerged as a global health threat.

The findings of several new studies on weight loss indicate that eating low carb diet can actually help you in getting rid of those ugly fatty layers in your body. The studies were carried out on as many as 1141 candidates. These candidates were out on low carb diet which has some resemblance to Atkin’s diet. After adhering to this diet, they lost close to 18 pounds within a year. They had improvements in many obesity related health areas like increase in HDL cholesterol, blood pressure and of course, waist circumference. Level of bad LDL cholesterol on these candidates did not change much, as per the outcome of the study. The candidates were able to burn as much as 300 calories per day after adhering to the diet.

William Yancy, one of the researchers, who works at the Duke University Medical Center said the results are positive. He has done several studies on the much touted Atkins diet. He feels that low carb diets help to lose weight and improve cardiovascular health to an extent. In a typical low carb diet, candidates need to cut down on pastas, potatoes, breads, rice, cookies. They need to eat more animal meat and protein sources like fish, meat and eggs. Of course, you can eat vegetables and fruits while adhering to such diets. The findings come at a time when health experts are trying to find more potent ways to tackle obesity, which has affected a large part of human population in several developed nations.

Yancy’s observation was echoed by Gary Foster, from Philadelphia’s Temple University. He is of the opinion that dismissing Atkin’s diet as something outdated and bad is not advisable.  Even though he was not directly involved in this study, he is a proponent of low carb diets and has spent several years in studying its impact on obese population. In this context, it needs to be mentioned that Robert Atkins published his book on weight loss in 1972. Its revised version christened Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution became a bestseller. However, a section of medical community has objected to this diet.

As a matter of fact, these weight loss diets often come with their side effects and no single diet can be termed as a cure for every obese individual. Nowadays, health experts are recommending more flexible diet plans to obese women and men. These diets allow you to eat more types of foods while burning fat more effectively.

No matter however hard you try, it is quite natural that you will not be able to attain slim figure and retain it for long just by trying new diets. Food does impact your figure and obesity but its effect can be limited. That is why health experts advise that you should maintain active lifestyle and work out when you can. However, if you cannot find enough time to exercise and think food cannot help you in fighting obesity, try something new. A lot of fat persons have experienced the benefits of hormone based weight loss diets and you can try HCG diets as well.

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