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New study indicates high fat diets can actually be good for obese lot

There is simply no dearth of researches and studies when it comes to finding a solution for obesity. Excess weight in both men and women has turned out to be a global health hazard in recent years. Sadly, there is no such single cure for obesity. There are many weight loss products in market but they can cause side effects in some individuals and besides their effectiveness also differs from one person to another. Not everyone can attend the gyms and do workouts owing to hectic work schedules or some other health problems.

Choosing the right diet can be a tad baffling for obese people who want to get slimmer. There are a number of weight loss diets in market. However, adhering to the requirements of such diet may be difficult for some candidates. There is considerable difference of opinion in medical community regarding what kind of diet obese persons should adhere to while losing weight. Discarding fat completely from your meal can actually be detrimental for well being, say a section of health experts and doctors. This is because human body requires its dosage of healthy fats even when you are on a diet.

In a recent development that may be deemed positive by proponents of fat enriched diets, a team of researchers have found that high fat diet can help in combating obesity in long run. Such a diet can also improve your body metabolism, as per the findings of the study. The test was conducted on mice. The researchers found out that subjects that were fed fat rich diet on schedule lost weight. Earlier research indicated that mammals tend to put on weight when they are fed fat rich diet.

The scientists associated with the study are of the view that eating on a schedule helps in developing metabolism and this does not allow storage of fats. This is used when you do not eat food as energy. The researchers feel that careful scheduling of foods can improve metabolism in human body which in turn can help to combat excess weight formation. After the research it was evident that 4 groups of mice that were subjected to the diet test, gained weight but those mice put on unscheduled diet gained more weight than others. The research was conducted at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. All the mice were fed same quantity of calories every day.

Professor Oren Froy, who is involved with the study, said that timing of meal plays a crucial factor in weight gain ad loss. The researchers think though the study was conducted on mice, the effect can be identical and positive in other mammal species as well. Others involved in the study are Prof. Zecharia Madar, Hadas Sherman, research fellow and a student named Yoni Genzer. The findings of the study were published in detail in FASEB Journal.

It is true that eating fat foods in an uncontrolled way can affect your body metabolism, leading to fat storage and obesity. However, meal scheduling has a positive effect on metabolism and it sends a signal to the body to store fatty quotients to be used for energy in time of less eating. The mice were put on the diet for duration of 18 weeks, said the researchers. The mice that were fed high fat diet regularly at fixed timing, gained less weight than those fed with low fat diet on schedule, which was rather amazing.

The mice put on high fat and scheduled diet exhibited a metabolism that enables utilization of fat as energy. This finding again corroborates the fact that how you eat foods can matter as much as what you eat. Even though it is a preliminary study and no tests have been conducted on human candidates, the researchers are hopeful. The finding will excite those weight loss experts who have always stressed on the importance of including fats in weight loss diet. Discarding fats completely can result in craving for fats which can lead to binge eating in weight loss aspirants.

You can try various weight loss diets and include healthy fats in your meal to an extent in your attempt to gain a slimmer figure. However, as health experts say, altering the food type can have limited effect on obesity and for fighting it effectively, you definitely need more than food type and habit changes. Exercise is a method you can always try to stay in shape. However, it would be good if you can resort to a proven weight loss plan. Popularity of HCG weight loss diet has gone up in recent years. This is one hormone based effective weight loss method with no severe side effects. You can surely get in touch with doctors to know whether you are a suitable candidate for this weight loss plan.

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