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Know which foods are suited for HCG Diet and which ones are bad

When you aim to lose weight and start dieting, it is important that you be careful about any food you eat. Depending on the diet that you are adhering to, restricting a lot of food and beverages will become a requirement. To ensure that you lose excess weight and keep the lost weight at bay, you will have to include certain foods and discard some dishes. This can be even more applicable if you are trying to adhere to HCG diet. In HCG diet, you need to be very careful about amount of daily calorie intake. While in the last phase, this limit is lessened, you still need to be careful about anything you eat. Therefore, it would be good if you know what kind of foods you are allowed and which types are not suitable for this weight loss regime.

Foods that you can eat while on HCG diet

You can find affair idea about what kind of foods you are allowed to eat while adhering to this weight loss diet from various online resources. Apart from that, you can buy HCG recipe books written by leading authors and follow the tips.

You can eat vegetables but it is best if you avoid those that contain a lot of starch such as potato and corn. Eating fiber rich vegetable would prove to be helpful for HCG diet candidates. You can pick from broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, Kale etc. Same can be said about fruits. Fruits that are too sweet should be avoided during this phase. However, water and fiber rich fruits should be part of your meals. You should pick fresh and organic produce to obtain best results. Canned fruits are often preserved in solution that may contain sweaters and ingredients that are not suited for weight loss aspirants. If you feel like having fruit juices, make juices at home without sugar. You can use stevia instead of sugar.

You may include fresh nuts and whole grains in your meals while you are adhering to HCG diet. Brown rice, sprouted grains, lentils can be used. You should keep a tab on the amount you take with every meal. Using walnuts, almonds and kidney beans are also recommended for HCG diet followers.

You may love gorging on dairy products. However, on HCG diet you have to cut down on your dairy product intake to an extent for the calorie limit. You can eat low fat yogurt and for making smoothies use low fat milk. Cheese and butter should not be used particularly in the first phase of the diet.

It is important that you eat animal protein sources. Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids are suited. Salmons, sardines and trout’s can be eaten. Lean meat like chicken and turkey can e eaten in moderation.

It is also important to drink right kind of beverages when you are adhering to HCG diet. Drink a lot of water every day. Apart from that you may drink herbal tea made without sugar. Coconut water can also be taken. Refrain from having alcoholic beverages for the best results.

Foods that you should avoid while on HCG diet

You need to remember that any form of sugar is not suited for you when you try to lose weight with HCG. When you eat outside, avoid taking foods made with sugar. Same can be said about canned and packed foods. You also need to avoid eating refined grain based foods. A lot of breads, pasta, cereals and crackers fall into this category.  It would be good bakery products like cakes, pastries, croissants, muffins, doughnuts etc.  Flavored popcorn and chips should also be avoided for same reason.

While eating meats is fine, you should avoid eating any form of red meat. Meat with saturated fats should be avoided at all costs. You need to stay away from foods that contain high amounts of sodium. Eating such foods can hamper with fat discarding process in your body.

It would be good if you stay away from any kind of soft drinks. This also includes those diet drinks. The diet drinks may increase your longing for sugary foods. Besides, diet soda also contains phosphoric acid which is not suited for you.

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