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Know what adverse effects HCG drops can have on your health

There is no dearth of weight loss therapies around and the abundance can often be a problem for weight loss spirants. You may feel baffled by the available options and selecting the right method can be tough. Relying only on specific diets may not help you much. Doctors advise combining proper food with active lifestyle to shed excess weight. In recent years hormone based weight loss measures have gained prominence among obese lot. HCG weight loss plans have become quite sought after. This hormone based therapy can be availed through injections or oral drops. However, candidates who avail HCG treatment often develop side effects and you should know the side effects of HCG drops before availing treatment.

The side effects can vary based on what kind of HCG treatment you avail. There are some side effects associated with traditional injection based HCG treatments and drop users complain of other side effects in some cases. However, not all side effects faced by candidates stem out of the hormone itself. While undergoing this weight loss plan they need to adhere to a really low calorie diet. Switching to a diet comprising of 500 calories a day can trigger some physiological responses in men and women.

Changes in diet can create some side effects on body and you need to be aware of them before starting the diet. In this diet, your body gets plenty of nutrients and little fat per day. Oils and sugar are almost not allowed to make foods. Naturally, majority of people are not accustomed to this kind of foods and when they start taking such dishes, some reactions can happen. Some people suffer from mild to moderate headache in first week of this diet. This can be dealt with OTC medication for headache. In the first week, some candidates suffer from slight dizziness.

When you shift to a low calorie diet, there can be some irregularities in bowel movement. However, some people may also have to cope with constipation. If that happens to you, using a sugar free laxative can yield relief. Other minor side effects of food habit changes can include leg cramps and rash on skin. It is difficult to predict whether you will develop these side effects. Even if you face them, the severity may vary. They may subside without any treatment for some while some others may need medical intervention. However, most of HCG side effects are not critical and they do not cause any conditions that need hospitalization.

It is important that you be aware of the side effects of HCG drops. These are similar to what you can experience from dietary changes. Mild dizziness and headache can occur but they usually subside on their own. Some people may also face problems in bowel movements after starting intake e of HCG drops. These however, do not tend to be serious for most candidates. If you maintain the schedule, these effects reduce within a short span of time. This is applicable for both genders.

In some cases, hormonal changes caused by HCG drops can affect your mindset. This is not generally applicable though. Some candidates have reported a feeling of depression. There are some others who can suffer from moderate insomnia after taking the drops. HCG is a pregnancy hormone and so its effects can be varied in men and women. While aforesaid side effects are seen in both genders, there are some side effects that are limited to male followers. Some male candidates have witnessed tenderness in their breast area after taking the HCG drops. Instances of male breast enhancements have also been reported in some cases. However, these are not too prominent and once the regime is complete they subside by default.

To get best results from HCG diet, you should discuss your case with a veteran doctor before starting either injection or drop. While HCG drops can benefit adult obese women and men to shed excess weight, you need to possibilities of adverse effects for your case. You also need to consider the effects of sudden dietary changes. If there is anything you are allergic to, that needs to be traced before you begin the diet.

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