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Know how safe HCG is for Cardiac ailments

When you want to get slimmer and shed excess weight, you can pick from numerous weight loss methods available. There exist a lot of special diets that help fat persons in losing weight. However, they may not be effective for some obese individuals and their risk of side effects keep a lot of people away. However, hormonal weight loss methods have become really popular in recent times. HCG based weight loss diets in particular have been hogging headlines in recent years. In this weight loss plan, hormone injections or drops are used along with specialized diet to help candidates lose excess body weight.

However, when you start a diet or any weight loss method, it is really important for you to find out whether it is safe for your health or not. Hormone based weight loss plans may affect your body in certain ways. While for most individuals these changes do not seem extreme, people with specific ailments need to be careful. If you have any cardiac problem, his becomes mandatory to know your risk factors for this diet.

HCG weight loss plan had drawn flaks from a section of medical community as they feel that this hormone may generate blood clots. This may be fatal for people with existing cardiac problems. This eventually led the FDA to issue warning for the use of this hormone for weight loss purposes.

There is another reason that makes doctors think that application of HCG may not be suited for fat persons with heart ailments. Cardiac patients are advised to take foods rich in carbohydrates. However, in this weight loss diet, candidates are restricted to eat carbohydrate rich food and instead they are made to stick to a low fat diet that stays within limit of 500 calories. Elimination of carbohydrates from the diet can be bad for heart ailment victims. Apart from that, a section of health experts feel that heart patients may suffer after switching to HCG diet because it may trigger heart rhythm abnormalities in them.

However, these do not mean you cannot try this diet if you have cardiac issues. You need to consult with doctors before starting this weight. There are stances of men and women with heart problems getting success with this weight loss diet. It may so happen that depending on your health and heart condition, your doctor may ask you to adhere to certain safety measures when you adhere to the diet.

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