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How to adhere to HCG diet even when you travel

Losing weight can turn out to be tougher than one can imagine, depending on his lifestyle and professional load. Adhering to weight loss diets can be hard on an obese person.  This can be even more so when you are trying to adhere to HCG weight loss plan. In this hormone based weight plan, candidates need to be very careful about eating foods that do not cross a pre set calorie limit. That can be tough particularly when you need to spend a lot of time outdoors. When you cannot avoid eating out during this regime, you need to watch out foods and beverages.

However, what happens if you need to go for a short trip for whatever reasons?  There is no need to panic, if you go on a short trip when you are undergoing this regime. With a little preparation and caution you can manage to stick to the diet’s requirements.

First of all, you need to be careful about taking HCG drops as required at suggested intervals. If you do not take the hormone drops or injections, hunger cravings will return and throw the diet off gear! You may take HCG injections in a small ice compartment if you go for a short weekend trip. In case you are worried about flight laws and checking at airports, you may carry a doctor’s prescription that will help you in these situations.

It is natural that you will have to eat out when you travel. There are a few things that you can do to adhere to calorie limit. You can include salads at restaurants but ensure no oil, sugary condiment, mayonnaise are used. You may carry HCG friendly salad dressing with you. Avoid drinking any soft drinks or sugar laden juice. You may take fresh fruit juice with no added sugar. You may prepare smoothies with stevia to be on safe side. Go for dishes that are made with lean meat and fish. Taking steamed vegetables will also be suited for your needs. Refrain from taking alcoholic beverages even though you may feel tempted to do so at times.

To beat those sudden pangs of hunger and avoid gorging into snacks, try carrying fresh fruits. Apple and oranges will serve the need. You can use your laptop, tablet or even smart phone to find stores and outlets that sell HCG friendly dishes and food. There are such apps that you can use with your devices nowadays.

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