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How HCG Diet followers can combat Hunger Cravings

Excess body weight has become an overwhelming health hazard for a majority of global population nowadays. That explains why weight loss diets have become so popular in recent times. However, some of the weight loss diets can also trigger adverse effects and obese persons avoid them. However, of late hormone based weight loss diets have gained much prominence. HCG diets are being tried by thousands of fat women and men in various countries. Like any other weight loss diet followers, followers of HCG diets face the issue of hunger pangs from time to time. In this diet, adhering to daily calorie limit is really important. So, it is important that you know how to combat those sudden hunger pangs when you are adhering to HCG diet.

The following tips will help you to an extent in fighting cravings for excess foods and pangs of hunger.

Eating pickles can help you– No matter how weird it may sound to you, tasting a little amount of pickle can trick your mind into thinking you are not that hungry. A spoon of low fat pickle will not make you deviate from your daily calorie target anyway! However, it is recommended that you check for pickles that have excess level of sodium, sugar or oil in them.

Try fiber rich fruits for a quick bite– If you feel pangs of hunger hen you are outside, resist from buying calorie heavy sandwich. It would be a good idea to carry some low calorie and fiber rich fruits like Apple. As you know, apples are tasty and offer you plenty of nutrients. Carrying apples in your hand bag is hassle free.

Try spreading out food all over the day– This is a simple but effective tactic that actually works! This is like making your stomach feel that you are always full. You can have the food you are entitled for entire day in small intervals. However, it is also important that you keep a tab on overall calorie consumption. This can be applicable for every food you eat including veggies, meat, deserts and fruits as prescribed by doctors.

Taking some excess salad may help you– Despite your best intentions, you will feel pangs of hunger while adhering to this weight loss diet. It would be a good idea to take some extra salad to satiate those pangs without exceeding daily calorie consumption limit. There is literally no dearth of fiber rich and low calorie green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce. Even if you take two cups of shredded lettuce or shard, you are at no risk of exceeding your calorie limit. Of course, you can add lemon and black pepper to add to the taste of the salad. You can have salad raw or in boiled form as long as you do not use butter or much oil. There are plenty of appetizers and salad recipes that are suited for HCG diet followers.

Spices can do the trick– There is no denying the reality that right kind of spices, when used in right amount can change the flavor and taste of a meal. Using thermogenic spices can be really good. Herbs and spices like ginger and cumin can do the needful. These spices can make the food tats good and at the same time help your body in burning more amount of fat. In fact, sprinkling such spices on top of soup and salad can enhance the taste to an extent. Try out various HCG diet books to know how spices can make food tastier and keep you full for longer period. The benefit of using these diets is that they do not offer you excess fat or calories.

Drinking lots of fluid and water– No matter what kind f diet you are on drinking plenty of water can help you in achieving your aim.HCG diet is no exception. When you are on this diet, you need to drink plenty of water, but sugary beverages are strictly forbidden. Drinking water will keep your boy hydrated and it will also curb your hunger pangs to an extent. You can also take lots of herbal tea minus sugar. If you nee dto spend outside a lot of the times, carrying water bottles will help.

Learning emotional triggers that can make you feel hungry– At times, some emotions can make you feel hungry even though you are not. Ironically, very few people are even aware of this fact. If you learn the factors that can trigger these emotions, you can battle cravings for food in between meals effectively. You can talk to your doctor for knowing more about these emotions that can make you feel hunger. In fact, you can find lots of resources on the web on this topic as well.

Reading HCG diet tips and books– There are quite a lot of books on HCG diet a recipes in the market that also come with effective tips for candidates adhering to HCG diet. In some of these books, you can find useful tips that can help you making suitable foods and staying immune to hunger pangs.

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