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Healthy noodles recipes for followers of HCG diet

Losing weight can be quite tough for some obese individual. They often find it really tough to select right kind of foods. They have to be careful about calorie value of every food they eat. In case you are on HCG diet, it can be tougher for you. When you are on this diet, keeping calorie count within 500 is a prerequisite. This makes many HCG followers give up many of their favorite foods. However, even when you are adhering to this weight loss diet, you can eat plenty of yummy foods. If you are a noodle lover you will be glad to know that there are some noodle dishes that you can eat during this regime. Miracle noodles which contain almost no fat and calories are used for making these dishes.

Miracle Noodle Recipe

To make this dish, you will need 4 pieces of 7 pound miracle noodle units, 2 spoons of raw peanut butter, Dark Sesame Oil and Rice Wine Vinegar. You will also need Liquid Aminos, 4 cups cabbage shredded, Spring Onions, hot chili sauce and sesame seeds. After opening the noodle pack, take some to drain the water. Thereafter, heat a bowl with water in it. Put some salt to the water. As the water starts boiling, add pasta. Boil it for a minute and put noodles on the strainer. After the water gets drained, shift the noodles to a big bowl. In another bowl, put Braggs Liquid Aminos with rice wine vinegar, dark sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, hot sauce. Blend all the ingredients well together. After that, add the cooked noodles, bean sprouts and shredded cabbages. Serve the dish after adding sesame seeds.

Cabbage Noodles

To make this yummy dish, you will need finely shredded cabbage, a cup of broth, dried oregano, dried basil, garlic crushed, minced onion. You can use either vegetable or chicken broth. Besides, you will have to use salt and pepper as per your preference. You can take chicken as well as vegetable broth. First, you will have to sauté the cabbage in a large sized pan with water. Or else you can use the broth. Now add the spices and cook till the cabbage becomes really soft. You can also add ground chicken or beef to the cabbage but this is not compulsory. This dish offers you only 64 calories and so you can have it twice or more in a week.

Miracle Noodles in Crab Soup

To cook this dish you will need a pack of miracle noodles, 3.5 pounds of crab meat, a cup of spinach, garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, water, Braggs Liquid Aminos and ground ginger. First, you will have to prepare the miracle noodles as per the instructions given on package. Now, blend all other ingredients in a pan and cook for some time. Add pepper and salt as per your preference. It will be prepared quickly.

HCG Diet Spaghetti with Noodles

To make this delicious dish, you will have to use a cup of chopped tomatoes, diced Onions, Italian Seasoning, Garlic Powder, a spoon of Tomato Sauce, Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Garlic Powder. You will also need a pack of miracle noodles. To make the dish, pour a Tomato Sauce of 15 oz. Mix all the ingredients well and stir for some time. Next, prepare miracle noodles following instructions. Pour the sauce over the noodles. You can also add some lean meat slice son top of noodles if you want. However, when you add meat, the calorie count will go up and it will serve as a complete meal rather than a side dish.


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