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“HCG Ultra Drops”: Everything you need to know

Amidst the popular hormone driven weight loss methods, HCG based weight loss plans deserve a mention. While the usage of HCG dates back to 1950s, its new variant named HCG Ultra drops has been hogging limelight for quite some time. Before trying this hormone based weight loss product, you should know the facts about it.

What it is

In this weight loss plan, low calorie diet is used in combination with application of human pregnancy hormone to aid fat burning. HCG ultra drops contain compound that enhances metabolism and boosts fat burning process. It effectively reduces fat accumulation in body. It basically contains Human Choriogonadotropin hormone in liquid form. It is generated by human placenta when women conceive. Since it is available in orally soluble drops, there is no need to use injection. In duration of 40 days, you lose a significant amount of weight. In HCG ultra drops based weight loss method, the candidates are also given doses of vitamin B12 that enhances effectiveness of the hormone.


The inventor of HCG treatment is Dr. Albert Simeons, a legendary endocrinologist. In the early days, injection was the only way to administer it. However, after 1970 and later decades drops became popular choice. Nowadays, HCG ultra drops and allied materials are available from various pharmaceutical companies. There are several controversies and conflicting opinions regarding their effectiveness though.

Where to find 

The web is undoubtedly the best way to find HCG ultra drops and any form of HCG, for that matter. Popular US retailer Walmart also sells HCG ultra products. There are plenty of other companies that sell these hormone based weight loss product. However, you should beware of fake phishing sites that claim to offer HCG ultra drops and other HCG products. Instances of some online users being duped by these fake sites have been reported in recent times.


You will find some variations in price of HCG ultra drop weight loss kits sold online. The plan comprising of 2 month which is claimed to be ideal for some obese person willing to lose over 40 pounds of weight can cost near $150. Those who opt for a month long supply, with an aim to lose 30 pounds or so need to pay $100. The basic plan, comprising of two weeks have to pay around $75. While most websites offer free delivery, depending on your location, you may have to spend extra in delivery charges.

Current popularity

Despite the controversy and scams associated with HCG ultra drop based weight loss diet, there are many buyers for it. It is not uncommon to find testimonials of users in many websites who have benefited from this weight loss plan. Both men and women opt for this hormone based weight loss plan in various countries including the USA.

Risks Associated

The manufacturers and proponents of HCG ultra drops and diet claim that this weight loss pan is devoid of usual side effects that one can witness with traditional HCG drops and injections. Whatever be the facts, you should be aware that using any hormone based treatment can produce some reactions in your body.

Headaches and irregular bowel movements are what a majority of diet followers can experience. However, these tend to diminish without much medical treatment. If you need any medication, take it only after discussing your symptoms with a doctor.

When you start a new weight loss diet, whether hormone based or not, some precautions need to be adopted. It is very important that you adhere to the prescribed diet and keep a tab on daily calorie intake. Eating sugar foods is something you should not do. Some candidates feel the craving for fatty and sweet foods when they follow this diet, but it is not recommended. You should be patient when you on this weight loss plan. Your body may need some time to adjust with the changes in food and hormonal level, which is quite natural. Your success in weight loss using HCG Ultra drops will also depend on intake of adequate fluid.

For cooking foods that you should eat while adhering to HCG Ultra drop based diet, spices and condiments can be used. However, you should try using thermogenic spices and herbs. Oil usage should be minimized as far as possible. Salt, lime and vinegar can be used but not sugar. While sugar alternatives can be used, you should know they can stimulate hunger in some people.

Expert’s opinion

When you decide to give HCG Ultra drops a try, it is better that you read expert reviews and opinions of veteran doctors rather than getting affected by gimmicks of websites selling such products. An expert doctor will be able to guide you regarding your suitability for this weight loss diet.

It is important that you adhere to the usage instructions given in the products. The vitamin supplement sold with the kit may need to be kept under refrigeration. However, HCG ultra drops may be kept in normal room temperature. The Ultra Diet Drops should be kept under tongue for at least 10 seconds so that it can get absorbed and reach bloodstream. The kit usually is sold with a dropper and you should use it to place drops under your tongue as advised by your doctor.

HCG Ultra drops based weight loss diet is usually divided in 3 phases.  In the initial phase, you need to prepare your body for the upcoming changes. In first two days, you have to eat regular food. However, you need to start taking HCG Ultra drops from day one before meals.

From the third day, phase two begins. From this time, you need to adhere to both diet and drops usage as directed. You need to watch calorie intake very closely. Taking fluids is also very important in this phase. Drinking 10 glasses of water or more is needed in this phase. This actually aids in toxin elimination. However, you are not supposed to drink coffee and tea. While regular HCG diet restricts your daily calorie consumption down to 500, with HCG ultra drop based diet, you can intake twice the amount a day. Hence, for breakfast or meals you can keep around 250 calories.

Phase 3 of this weight loss diet is called the maintenance phase by experts. This phase, as its name suggests is meant for retaining the slim figure and keeping additional fat at bay. In this stage, avoid starch rich and sugary foods as far as possible. Intake of adequate fiber rich food is advisable for candidates in this stage.

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Current FDA ban and trends thereafter

Last year, FDA, the US health watchdog that plays a role in monitoring health and weight loss related products, vented its ire on various HCG diet products. This has affected the sales of HCG Ultra drops diet kits and their public image has been affected to an extent. FDA said in its report that some of these weight loss products fall far behind the claims made by sellers and manufacturers and offer little weight loss advantages. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has expressed the view that this hormone is neither effective nor safe for weight loss aspirants.

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