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HCG recipes that can be delicious and different

When you aim to lose weight, it may be necessary to discard some favorite foods off the platter. The same thing can happen for followers of HCG weight loss diet. They have to abide by a stringent calorie intake schedule while they are on the diet. However, you need not bid adieu to very food you like when you are on this weight loss plan. There are some yummy HCG recipes that you can try. In fact, you can try some chocolate based recipes while you are trying to shed excess weight.

Choco Mint Coffee Smoothie

To make this HCG friendly dessert, you will have to take a spoon of cocoa powder, water, 2 spoons of stevia, vanilla essence and a cup of milk.  You will have to mix all the ingredients in a small pan first.  Then put it on stove at simmering heat.  The mix needs to be stirred a little so that it does not stick to the base. After a few minutes of stirring, add vanilla and milk to the pan. Blend everything well and cook for a few minutes.

HCG Chocolate delight

This yummy dessert can be used in all phase so HCG weight loss plan. To make it you will need a cup of cocoa, a cup of coconut oil, Flavored Stevia and regular stevia. To make the dish, blend coconut oil with cocoa well for a few minutes. Add the stevia and heat for a few minutes. The amount of flavored stevia will depend on our choice.

Chocolate Cake In a Mug

To make this HCG diet friendly cake, you will need ingredients like flour, sugar, cocoa powder, skimmed milk, egg substitute and Vanilla. You will also have to use stevia, Applesauce and chocolate chips. To make the yummy cake, add the dry ingredients well to mug and blend really well. Then add egg substitute and again mix well. Next, pour apple sauce and milk into the cup. After some time add the vanilla and chocolate chips and blend for another time. Now, put the mug in a microwave oven and cook at high heat for a couple of minutes.

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