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HCG milk recipes that you can enjoy without guilt

For weight loss aspirants, picking food can prove to be a hard task. If you are on HCG weight loss diet what it actually means! In this polar diet, you have to be very careful about adhering to daily recommended calorie limit. You may feel bad that you are being made to discard most of the foods you love. However, with a little caution you can have a number of yummy foods even when you are on this diet. If you like milk, yogurt and dairy product, there are some HCG friendly recipes that you can try. These taste really good and do not take much tem to be prepared either.

HCG friendly Chocolate Milk Shake

To make this recipe, you will need nonfat cottage cheese, skimmed milk, some drops of vanilla, cocoa powder, and a few ice cubes. For sweetener, you can use stevia. Put all the ingredients inside a blender and blend well for a few minutes. You may also sprinkle some choc shreds over the glass before serving. It tastes best when served chilled.

HCG Strawberry milkshake

To make this HCG friendly shake, you need to use half cup of skimmed milk, stevia, a cup of fresh and frozen strawberries. To make the shake, blend everything in a blender for a couple of minutes. D some ice cubes to the glass before serving.

HCG fruit milkshake

If you like fruits, it is also possible to use multiple fruits to make a low calorie and nutritious milkshake. You can take some almonds, 2 bananas, seedless grapes and 2 cups of water. Add some stevia to it of you want and then blend it well. Before serving the shake, add some ice cubes to it.

Vanilla Banana Milkshake

To make this dish, you need vanilla essence, a medium sized banana, few ice cubes, some skimmed milk and stevia as much as you deem suitable. Now put everything except the ice in a blend and blend for a few minutes. Pour in a large glass and serve with ice cubes on top.

HCG friendly yogurt

This is meant for those yogurt lovers who grudge about giving yogurt miss during the diet course! You need to take half cup of fatless yogurt, a cup of frozen strawberries or grapes. Add stevia as per your preference. Now put everything inside a blender and mix well for 2 minutes or so. Serve with a few cubes of ice.


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