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HCG maintenance phase mistakes you should be aware of

When you shift into the maintenance phase of HCG weight loss diet, it becomes somewhat taxing for you, mentally. You may feel worried about the possibility of putting on weight that you just managed to discard. After the last drop or injection you take, there would be a period of 3 days when you need to stick to the specified calorie intake limit. For the next three weeks, it would not be necessary to maintain the 500 calories a day limit. However, it is better if you do not eat starch rich or sugar laden foods in this crucial phase. You will find some changes in your appetite level in this phase. It is important that you become aware of commonplace mistakes made by some people when shifting to this phase in HCG diet. If you avoid making these mistakes during maintenance phase, you will be able to keep excess fat at bay for long.

  • Even when you are out of the 500 calories a day diet, it is better that you stick to healthy and low calorie foods. When you feel hungry, eating fresh vegetables and snacks will be better compared to fast foods. It would be good if you avoid fat rich foods during this phase.
  • Apart from fat, you should not eat foods rich in starches and sugar. You can resort to HCG diet and recipe books available in market to understand what foods would be suited for the maintenance phase. Needless to say, you can find lots of free and useful resources on maintenance phase friendly recipes on the web.
  • There are some foods that you can eat during the maintenance phase of this diet, but in moderation. Eating such foods in excess will be detrimental for your weight loss ambition. These include fruits with high amount of natural sugar, starch and nuts. Vegetables like corn and potatoes should not be eaten in excess either. You can try to eat these foods in raw or steamed form, if you need to eat them at all.
  • It is okay to take low fat or skimmed milk during this phase. However, be a little careful before you eat anything labeled low fat. Several low fat foods, including dairy products like yogurt contain high amount of sugar for enhanced taste. This is not suitable for candidates who are undergoing the maintenance phase of HCG diet.
  • You will benefit if you watch your beverage intake during this stage of HCG diet. Drinking plenty of water and herbal tea will still be suited for you. Refrain from drinking cola based drinks and alcohol for some more time for long term benefit.
  • It would be wrong to go easy on eating foods during this stage of HCG diet.  It is required to take 1500 calories a day. You should use a weighing scale and measure your weight everyday to ensure that you are not overeating. To get best results, you can start exercising from this phase. However, you need not spend long hours at gym.


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