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HCG Egg recipes that will leave you satisfied

When you adhere to a weight loss diet, there are lots of yummy foods that you are asked to stay away from. The situation can be harder for those who try HCG weight loss diet. In the diet, you cannot take over 500 calories per day till a time. Later, you are allowed to return to regular food albeit with some restrictions. This can actually make things a little baffling for you. You feel glad that stringent restrictions have been lifted. However, at the same time you feel a little hesitant about gorging on food you love thinking what if you gain back the lost weight! Below discussed are some egg based dishes that you can eat without worry during the maintenance phase in HCG diet. You can prepare all these dishes easily within a short time span.

Yummy egg salad

For this you need to take 4 eggs and boil them until they are quite hard. Discard the yolk of three eggs. Then chop the remaining eggs in small pieces. You will also need to use a spoon of milk, mayonnaise, mustard sauce, pepper and salt. After you make eggs as described, blend it in a bowl with all other ingredients. If you want, sprinkle some black pepper and lime juice on top. You can also use lettuce leaves for serving the dish.

 Scrambled Eggs Florentine

You can have this yummy HCG maintenance recipe in your breakfast. You will need yolk of an egg with 4 egg whites. Other required ingredients are Onion Powder, a cup of Baby Spinach and Garlic Powder. Blend everything together and then heat the pan. Cook as you make scrambled eggs in general. For phase 3 of the HCG diet, you can add Mozzarella Cheese and a small amount of butter to this dish. Adding some lime juice can also make it taste yummier.

HCG friendly deviled eggs

 This can be used as part of lunch in phase 2 of the diet and later. To make the dish you will need to take 4 eggs and boil them hard. After boiling the eggs, cut them in half and then discard the yolk part from 3 eggs. Then, blend the remaining egg yolk with pepper, salt, milk and a small amount of mustard. You can have this yummy dish with some salad in meals.

HCG friendly Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

 To make this dish, you will need 4 egg whites along with 1 yolk and blend them well. You will also need some diced tomato, minced garlic, minced onion and pepper and salt. You need to cook garlic, onion and tomato first till they blend well. Then add the eggs and scramble up to your liking.

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