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HCG diet sweetener options that candidates can try

There are many popular methods obese men and women resort to for fighting obesity. However, no one of the weight loss measures can be viewed as a miracle cure as each method has some positive points and drawbacks. A lot of people who want to lose weight try those weight loss diets. The toughest part while adhering to these diets is eating the right kind of foods. It is not enough to discard certain foods from your meals only. It is also very important to ensure that the foods you eat are cooked the proper way. The ingredients including oil and spices that you use in making food play a vital role in weight loss. You also need to control the amount of sugar and sweetener you use in making diet foods.

If you are adhering to HCG weight loss diet, usage of sugar will not be permitted. You will have to use sugar substitute for making nearly all kinds of foods as long as you are on this diet. As a matter of fact, doctors and health experts recommend a sugar substitute named stevia for HCG weight loss candidates. If you are thinking of starting HCG weight loss diet to combat obesity, it is important that you know what stevia is and how it can help you in reaching your goal.

This is an herb with origin in Southern states of America. It had been used for centuries as a sweetener in general cooking before its medicinal properties were discovered. Its zero calorie content makes it ideal for weight loss aspirants. You can surely use stevia to make sweet dishes as well as desserts when adhering to HCG diet. The benefit is that it reduces craving for sweet dishes in obese persons who are on diet. The sweetener does not have adverse effects on human body and on the contrary, it can be good for your body. It is said to have a sweeter taste compared to regular sugar. It means that you will not have to eat foods that taste bland when you use stevia.

The good thing is that you can buy and use stevia in various forms when you are on diet. This is ideal for sweet food lovers who complain about the fact that they miss sugary dishes. With stevia you can make the same dishes but the calorie count will be lesser. It is available as powder form as well as liquid. Stevia is available in various flavors including Lemon, Valencia Orange, Grape, Cinnamon, Peppermint and chocolate. You can also add stevia to herbal tea without any problem.

Obese men and women who have succeeded in losing weight after trying HCG diet and using stevia are of the opinion that they do not feel much difference in eating foods made with stevia instead of sugar. The fact that it is readily available in market and does not cost much, makes using it as a sugar replacement even more simpler and easier.

Some people who have tried HCG weight loss diet have aloes used an alternative sweetener named truvia. It is not same as stevia. It contains some amount of stevia but it also has some amounts of a natural sugar based alcohol substance named erythritol. This compound is not sugar free entirely. However, this also plays a role in burning fat as studies have indicated. It is now made in collaboration by Cargill and Coca Cola Company. While some people use it in second phase of HCG diet, it is better that you stick to stevia variants that suit your taste to get better weight loss results.

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