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HCG diet food making basics explained

When you begin a diet for losing excess weight, eating the right kind of food should be your priority. In fact, you also need to be careful about choosing foods and ingredients that are used in right way. From sauces to sugar, everything needs to be monitored when you are on a weight loss plan. However, obese women and men who adhere to HCG diet find it tougher than others. They always have to be mindful about sticking to the rule of this diet. If you are planning to start this diet, then it is better if you know what kind of foods, ingredients and spices you are allowed to take and what restrictions are there. Some people may have reference for specific spices, herbs and condiments and they need to know whether they can use such stuff when adhering to this weight loss diet.

Water consumption is necessary when you are on this diet. However, apart from herbal tea, you are not supposed to take sugary drinks as such. Some people use aloe water. While aloe water has beneficial properties for human health, it is not what Dr Simeons suggests. So, you should use it only after talking with your doctor in detail.

You need to be careful about using right kind of spices and condiments while you are on this weight loss plan. While using thermogenic herbs and spices are fine, you need to be careful about sugar and salt. Sugar is not suitable for HCG diet and candidates are advised to use stevia in its place. If you want to use beef boulion in making foods, you should be careful because it has high sodium content. You can use stevia in both drop and powdered form. Some people also use truvia. While it is not same as stevia, it does not cause any problem. Use of balsamic vinegar is not advisable as it has sugar in it. Lemon juice would be a good alternative. You should avoid traditional salad dressings for weight loss after the diet.

While you can use various types of vegetables on this diet, it is important that you do not lose focus on calorie count. It would be good to eat fiber rich vegetables. These vegetables can keep your stomach full for longer and hence diminish pangs of sudden hunger. At any rate, it would be better for you not to eat starch rich vegetables like potatoes. Some people take protein shakes while adhering to this diet. You can take shakes as long as you do not use sugar and do not take them in excess.

Sometimes, you just cannot avoid going out with friends or eating out when you are on HCG diet. Along with food, you need to be carful about the beverages that you eat. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not allowed in this diet. Even soft drinks are supposed to be avoided. At best, you can have fresh fruit juice without sugar. Smoking is another aspect that you need to be cautious about. While it does not add extra calories smoking does interfere with weight loss. Drinking diet colas do not help either as these drinks directly interfere with fat retention and burning in human body.

Fish lovers can use tuna as long as it is preserved in water in cans. Oily tunas are not suggested for HCG diet candidates. However, you should use fish, tuna and other species, in this regime quite sparingly. Needless to say, you should not use butter for making fish. In fact, it is better if you stick to the animal meat sources recommended by your doctor.


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