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HCG diet and drop facts you should know

There are numerous ways available for losing excess body weight. However, of late hormone based weight loss therapies have caught fancy of obese lot in a big way. HCG based weight loss plans are quite popular and plenty of obese men and women are opting for them. Before you choose such a weight loss plan, it is important that you know facts about it. It would be a bad idea to get carried away by marketing jargon and gimmicks promoted by companies that offer weight loss therapies. While HCG diet plans and drops do help you to shed excess fat, you need to know various aspects of such treatments.

Proponents of HCG diet say that HCG drops along with specialized diet can help obese persons lose weight fast. The candidates need to adhere to the diet to get best results. There are mainly 3 methods to apply HCG. They are Homeopathic HCG drops, Pharmaceutical HCG drops and Pharmaceutical HCG injections. Needless to say, those weight loss aspirants who do not want injections to lose weight opt for HCG drops.

As per the authentic HCG application method invented by Dr Simeons way back in the 1950s, HCG injections are considered as the most commonplace way to administer this hormone to candidates. HCG injections are usually applied in belly region but doctors also inject into body pars like buttock and thighs. Injections can cause swelling and skin itching to an extent and many persons do not like the thought of pain each time they need a dosage. Besides, when you are on the regime, you will have to buy and store needles and syringes and store them in proper condition for duration of treatment. This can prove to be a hassle to some persons.

Pharmaceutical HCG Drops can be applied orally and there is no need to inject. This eliminates all complications associated with using needles. However, with HCG drops that you need to place under tongue absorption process is not as fast as injections. Homeopathic HCG drops are also being used nowadays. The main advantage of using these drops is that they are sold pre mixed and you need to use a dropper. These drops are cheaper compared to their pharmaceutical counterparts. Homeopathic HCG drops can be taken many times a day. With homeopathic HCG drops the need to refrigerate mixture and mixing process is eliminated, making it easier to follow for candidates.

Before you opt for HCG drop or injection to lose excess weight, it is advisable that you get in touch with a doctor who is well versed in the subject. It is a hormone based treatment and you need to know your suitability for same. While it is true that several obese women and men opt for HCG treatments, your medical history and conditions need to be checked. You also need to check whether switching to a low calorie diet would be suitable for you. HCG itself can produce some mild to moderate side effects though they diminish with time.

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