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HCG desserts and low fat sweet dishes

People who want to lose excess flab often find it hard to pick right kind of foods. Some of them discard nearly everything they love to eat for fear of putting on excess weight. Particularly, those who are adhering to HCG weight loss programs, find food selection rather cumbersome. However, the reality is that you can eat lots of delicious dishes when you are on HCG diet. It is just that you will have to cook these dishes using proper ingredients. In fact, you can have plenty of sweet dishes if you are on this diet. It is important you use as less sugar as possible to make these dishes.

Strawberry and orange smoothie

To make this yummy dessert take a cup of strawberries and half cup of orange juice, both chilled. Add a few ice cubes if you want. Use a pack of stevia to add to taste. Now, you should blend all these in a blender until the mixture becomes absolutely smooth and creamy. Serve with lemon slice as toppings chilled. You can also add low calorie fruits to this shake like grapefruit or berries if you want a little variety in taste.

Banana HCG Pancake

To make this yummy pancake, you will need one egg and half smashed banana. With that, you will have to use a spoon of almond flour, small amount of vanilla crème flavor, stevia and cinnamon. In a baking pan, use some cooking spray and pour the mixture. After 5 minutes of heating, turn the side. When you are over the diet regime, a little butter can be added to the baking tray or pan.

HCG friendly cheese cake

You can go for this cheesecake only in the last phase of HCG weight loss plan. You will need ingredients like a cup of almond flour, 3 spoons of salted butter, grounded cinnamon and truvia sweetener. This is for the crust alone. For the filling you will have to use 7 pound of cream cheese, 2 eggs, some vanilla essence and 10 packs of truvia sweetener.

To make the dish, use a pie pan larger than 6 inch. Heat the oven before cooking up to 350 degrees. To make the crust, blend the melted butter with almond flour. Add the sweetener and cinnamon to it as well. Press it in pie pan and then bake for 10 minutes or until it become golden brown in hue. Allow it to cool down so that you can pour in the cheese cake filing later.

To make the cake filling, blend all ingredients and whip for a few minutes. Thereafter, pour it into almond crust. Then bake the cake for about 20 minutes and let it turn crispy brown.

It is important that you limit consumption of desserts and sweet dishes when you are in last phase of HCG diet to get optimum results. Fruits that are naturally sweet are fine for consumption but on an average you should take such dessert twice or thrice a week.

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