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HCG and exercise: get your facts clear

Losing weight can prove to be an ordeal for a major part of obese lot these days. They try a lot of things and methods to get rid of excess body weight with varied success. There are numerous diets for weight loss but they can also spark side effects in a person. Same can be said about those weight loss supplements. Exercise seems to be a safer choice. However, you need to be a little cautious when you want to blend exercise with a weight loss plan to enhance its effectiveness. This is applicable when you on HCG weight loss diet. This is a hormone based weight loss diet which requires you to cut down on caloric intake to a great extent. You are also given doses of HCG, a pregnancy hormone that helps in burning fat.

Some candidates may feel that working out when they are adhering to this diet can help them gain maximum benefits. However, it is advisable that you do not try working out without medical guidance during this weight loss regime. You need to remember that in this phase you will have to consume only 500 calories a day, in the initial part. Excess exercise may drive you hungry and then you may find it had to stick to that limit. This can have adverse effect on your body.

There are some basic activities that you can do when sticking to HCG diet, say doctors. You can walk for some distance or run lightly for a few minutes after work. You can also ride a cycle or try swimming for some time every day. However, there is no need to run very fast or bike on rough terrains. Light aerobic exercise can also be helpful for you. In short, you should be watchful when you perform any activity when you are on this diet.

If you want to tone up your body muscles as you discard flab with HCG diet, proceed cautiously. Light weight lifting can help you. You can also try exercises that do not require you to use any equipment. The frequency may depend on your needs.  However, if you feel worn out by the end of day or feel muscle cramp or any problem, it would be good to consult your physician. Some candidates feel some side effects after using the hormone and this fatigue can only make them feel worse.

It has been observed that rigorous exercise during HCG weight loss plans can make a candidate feel dehydrated. So, you should refrain from such activities. Some health experts suggest that you can try yoga for weight loss when you are on HCG diet. This may help in enhance your strength as well as flexibility.


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