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Alcohol and HCG diet: Get your facts right

When you want to get rid of those stubborn fat layers in your body a diet seems to be the best option. However, not every fat person can benefit from following such weight loss diets. Eating right kind of foods and drinks is crucial for your success in any weight loss diet. This is even more relevant to people who adhere to HCG weight loss diet. In HCG diet, using alcohol is not encouraged. Alcoholic beverages can interfere with body’s fat burning metabolism, say the health experts.

However, a section of researchers say certain kind of drinks can be used in moderation by HCG diet followers. The reason HCG diet candidates are advised against taking alcoholic beverages is that these drinks are loaded with extra calories and sugar. In HCG diet plan, a candidate is made to adhere to a stringent daily calorie limit. Some users have found that adhering to this diet actually make them refrain from taking alcohol. This is because HCG hormone affects hypothalamus gland in brain that triggers craving for drinks and food.

In some instances, HCG diet candidates have tried drinking a mix of vodka, mineral water and orange juice. However, this can only be taken in moderation while you are on the diet. It is always better you try any kind of beverage only after talking with your dietician or doctor. Dr. Simeons who is credited with the creation of this diet plan, wrote in his first book on HCG obese drinkers sometimes drink alcohol in moderation and still achieve success in shedding excess weight.

Before you take wine while on HCG diet, it is important that you know how much calorie you will intake with a serving of this beverage. As per the USDA, a red wine glass containing 5 oz serving has 125 calories, a fourth of what HCG dieters are allowed per day in early phase. White wine contains nearly same amount of calories. While wine is not very sugary in nature, it is sweet and to be on safe side, you can try taking dry wine, preferably made in Europe.

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