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Weight loss by eating right kind of noodles

Obesity has affected a large part of men and women all over the world and that is why it is rated as a leading health hazard. While there are some measures to combat its spread but they cannot be used as cure. Besides, typical weight loss supplements and diets can have side effects on individuals in some cases. While exercise is ideal for shedding flab, a lot of fat women and men cannot hit gyms because of health problems or lack of time. However, you can always try commonplace low calorie foods to help you lose weight gradually. These low fat foods will not burn a hole in your pocket either and they are easily available.

When it comes to eating low calorie foods, people normally think of vegetables and fruits. However, noodles can also be included in your weight loss diets. It is true that some noodles contain fat and they tend to contain more calories. However, with care and portion control they can help you in staying full for longer period and combat obesity. You should opt for noodles containing complex carbohydrates as your body will need more time to dissolve them. It will result in reduced hunger pangs.

There are various types of noodle in market and you need to select the right ones for your weight loss needs. A Japanese staple shirataki noodles are becoming quite popular with people in developed countries owing to their health and weight loss benefits. You can also try these noodles. You should wash the noodles well with warm water to eliminate their default smell which some people find a little high. They can be used to make noodles Italian or continental style and blend with other vegetable and ingredients well. You can find shirataki noodles in neighborhood Asian food stores and online. If you do not know ways to prepare it, recipes are also available in web.

Shirataki noodles contain high amounts of fiber, which helps losing weight in long run and promotes digestion. They do not have gluten or egg like other noodle types as well. Most shiartaki noodles sold in market are devoid of sugar, salt and preservatives. However, you need to read the labels carefully before buying.

You can also try out udon noodles, a staple in Japanese cuisine for weight loss. This is a thick noodle comprised of corn flour and wheat. It is devoid of cholesterol and contains protein and nutrients. You can also think of eating soba noodle which is made of buckwheat flour. This noodle can be consumed both in cold or hot form which is an advantage. While all these noodles are ideal for people on a weight loss regime, they cannot bring any miracle results alone. If you want to lose weight on a long term basis, it is absolutely important to include plenty of whole grains, low fat juice and fiber enriched foods in your diet. Besides, you need to spend some time every day in physical activities that help you in burning calories.

While eating fiber enriched low calorie foods can aid you in weight loss, you cannot solely depend on foods. To keep obesity at bay for long period, you need to do more than making some changes in your meals and snacks. Apart from physical activities, you can think of trying medically tested weight loss plans for intensive and effective impact. HCG based weight loss plans may suit your needs. These weight loss plans can be tried by adult obese women and men. However, before trying these weight loss programs you will have to undergo clinical tests to determine your suitability.

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