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Ways to eat out when you are dieting without adding to waistline

There is no denying the role obesity plays behind acquiring some of the severe ailments one can have. You can try your best to eat healthy foods and avoid junk food. However, at times you simply cannot avoid gorging on some fat laden foods despite knowing that they can offer you excess calories. In occasions like marriages, birthdays and even office parties you have no option than biting on those fat rich dishes and gravies. Same can be said about those weekends when you shop or watch a movie outside with your family. You know pretty well that this contributes to your growing waistline but you just cannot avoid such situations.

However, there are some clever eating strategies which you can apply to keep excess calories at bay even when you eat out. This will ensure that your social life does not suffer and you avoid putting on excess weight. When you eat outside including at restaurants, it is very important to eat in controlled amounts. You can order low fat soups as appetizers. This will make you less hungry and you will feel like taking fewer amounts of noodles and rice. While ordering red meat and other fat laden dishes, order a salad as a side dish. This will ensure that your calorie consumption stays within a limit.

It is also important to keep watch over the beverages that you take as well. In some occasions, you cannot avoid drinking. However, drinking excess alcohol is not good for anyone including obese persons. Try to avoid beer as it has lots of calories. Opt for a glass of wine instead of beer as and when possible, in occasions and ceremonies. When possible, opt for coconut water, low fat milkshakes and fresh fruit juice instead of aerated drinks. Diuretic drinks are good for obese persons, as several studies have shown.

When you spend time in a get together with friends, you may feel like coking at home. However, in informal events like these, hardly anyone thinks about cooking or eating healthy. You need to keep a watch over kind of foods and ingredients used. In fact, you need to be particularly careful about the cooking oil and condiments used for cooking at such events. It is better if you can use oil that does not generate harmful Trans–fat. Similarly, you can also use thermogenic spices for cooking foods, Spices like paprika, black pepper, ginger and garlic have attributes that enhance body metabolism. This helps in burning more calories eventually.

It would be a good idea to carry some low fat foods that can be stored without fuss when you are outside. It may so happen that you feel hunger pangs in between two meals. Instead of rushing to a nearby fast food chain or pizza joint, you can keep fruits like oranges and apples with you. These will help you in controlling hunger pangs without eating lot of calories. You can find a number of low fat snacks outside if you search a little.

Eating smart when you are outside will help you in tackling excess body weight for sure. You can ensure that you keep your body weight within check.  However, you need to do something about the excess weight that you have already put on. Eating carefully and being selective may not be enough to shed that flab. Doctors and health experts always suggest that you should opt for medically tested weight loss programs. Adult obese individuals can benefit from switching to hormone based weight loss programs. You can enquire about feasibility of HCG based weight loss plans for yourself.

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