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Top weight loss apps for Smart phone users

Present generation smart phones can be used for many more tasks than just making and receiving calls. You can use them as camera and video recording. They also have inbuilt GPS navigation and web browsing features. In fact, a feature rich smart phone can perform as a versatile digital assistant for a man or woman these days. However, very few persons have the idea that they can use their smart phones to lose excess body weight! Amazing as it may sound to some people, there are plenty of apps available for Smart phone users that can be used to adhere to weight loss diet, calculate daily calorie intake and many other tasks.

If you use an iphone or an Android based phone, there are several such apps that can be of use to you. Even users of BlackBerry and Symbian series phones can utilize some such apps to aid their weight los program. The best thing is that you do not have to pay anything to use most of these apps. Depending on your OS version and available space in phone, you can download and use them. It is better that you know the top Smartphone apps that can aid you in getting rid of excess weight.

One nifty smart phone based weight loss app is Lose it! It helps obese users in keeping track of calories and exercise easily. You can understand how much you need to eat and work out when you want to lose a certain amount of weight within a period using this useful application. You can also take help from a web based community. This app is available for iOS and Android based devices.

If you are in the habit of buying packed foods and low fat labeled foods at supermarkets or local stores, there is the risk of taking home foods with high calorie and sodium content,. This can be detrimental for anyone’s weight loss regime for sure. This is where the app fooducate comes into action! If you scan the barcode of packed foods with your smart phone, this app will reveal the packs’ nutritional content quickly. This app is available for iPhone and Android users.

While eating vegetables and fruits are good for obese lot, it is also important to eat more seasonal food than processed and frozen variants. There is an app named Locavore that can help you in buying fresh and seasonal produce easily. It can guide you in buying fresh vegetables according to each season.  Besides, it can utilise the integrated GPS device in your phone to locate nearby organic food stores where you can find and buy fresh produce.

While the ecosystem of Windows Phone is nowhere as rich and diverse as that of either iOS or Android, it does not mean that Windows phone users cannot use any app that can aid them in weight loss. Windows Phone users can benefit from an app named Daily Calories. Apart from the aforesaid apps, you can try out many other Smartphone apps to aid your weight loss regime. However, before trying any such app you should spend some time in reading reviews and feedback of other obese users who have tried such apps, to be on safe side.

While using Smartphone pass can help you in knowing fat content and nutritional value of foods and track your weight loss progress, you cannot depend entirely on them. It is time you try out medically tried weight loss plans. If you want to try weight loss programs that do not have serious side effects, go for HCG based weight loss programs.

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