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Some yummy low fat salad recipes you can make at home

When you want to lose excess body weight through right type of foods it is important that you know what kind of foods will be suitable for you. A lot of obese individuals are confused about choosing right kind of foods. While low fat and fiber rich foods fit their bill really well, it does not mean you will have to survive solely on baked and grilled foods to gain a lean figure. You can try eating various types of vegetarian and meat based salads that can help you in combating obesity. You can have low calorie salads with breakfast and meals. Even when you eat out, you can always order salads with main dishes that will help you in cutting flab. However, it is always better if you can make salads at home rather than buying outside.

One salad that can delight your taste buds but will not put in a lot of calories is Thai Cucumber and Pineapple Salad. You can add cilantro leaves and mint and basil can also be added to it. The sweetness of pineapple will eliminate the need of adding any sweetener or condiment. You can also make the salad with base of Pineapple, onion and cucumber. Top it up with lime juice and chill peppers.

Caesar salad is usually voided by obese people because classic Caesar salad is replete with egg, cheese and oil. However, you can always change the amount of ingredient to make it suitable for your weight loss regime. You can use tofu for making this salad at home. Add ingredients like garlic, pepper and lemon juice for dressing and enhancing the flavor. On top of the dish add some amounts of romaine lettuce.

For obese people who want a yummy but low calorie salad, Marinated bean salad fits the bill well. You can use both kidney beans and garbanzo beans for making this salad. Mix the beans with a little salt and mustard to jazz up the taste. It would be a good idea to mix the basic ingredients with cucumber, onions and tomatoes.  If you want to have some leafy vegetables, add some lettuce leaves. It would also be a good idea to add broccoli or cabbage.

Obese people are often skeptical about using potatoes in salads because they think it may add to their waistline. Surely, having a lot of potatoes in salad is not good for your waistline. However, you can use them in moderation with other vegetables for making a mixed vegetable salad. There are several variants of low fat potato salad recipes available in web and you can try them.

You can also use skimmed and low fat yogurt with fruit slices to make yummy and nutritious fruit salad. Yogurt blends well with plenty of fruits like berries, banana, oranges, mango, apples and peaches. However, you should use fruits that contain lot of water and are naturally sweet. This fruit yogurt salad can be served chilled. Similarly, you can blend yogurt with cucumber and make salad that you can have as appetizer or as a side dish.

No matter what kind of salad you make at home, refrain from using ingredients and spices that can add to calorie quotient. Use sugar with moderation and avoid adding mayonnaise. Spices and herbs like black pepper, paprika, lemon, chilly and garlic have thermogenic properties and they should be used in salads to boost metabolism.

However, you should not rely only on foods to speed up weight loss process. You can think of trying hormone based weight loss methods. HCG based weight loss methods can be of help to you.

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