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Poor eating habits and foods that lead to obesity

Excess weight can become a serious problem for men or women belonging to diverse age groups. While obesity can be attributed to several reasons including genetics it has been seen that in many cases, the root cause is improper foods and poor eating habits. Some women and men get overweight because they keep eating wrong type of foods and do not follow a schedule when it comes to taking meals and breakfasts. A lot of people fail to understand these are the chief reasons behind gaining excess body weight. It is important that you know what kind of foods and eating habits contribute behind growth in your waistline.

Skipping breakfast and meals– This is one habit you need to get rid of if fighting obesity is a priority for you. A lot of working professionals skip breakfast for lack of time or hurry to reach office in time. Some of them have a wrong idea that it may help them in keeping caloric intake low. However, when you skip breakfast or meal, you feel hunger pangs when you are outside. This leads to gorging on junk and fast food. So, at the end of day you end up consuming more calories than required.

Eating red meats and fat laden meat dishes– While animal meat remains a potent source of protein that human body needs, you need to eat right kind of meats. Depending on the way meat is prepared it can be deprived of essential nutrients. The hamburgers and meat sandwiches sold in fast food joints are often laden with harmful fats that can contribute to your waistline. You should try to eat lean meat including chicken and turkey parts. Lamb and beef should be eaten with moderation. It is recommended that you cook meat with oils that do not generate harmful trans -fat. Preparing meat dishes through methods like grilling and baking is advisable.

Sugary foods and candies– Eating too much of sugary food is another reason behind your growing waistline. A lot of people take in excess sugar without being aware of it. Apart from the sugar used in making foods, your body gets excess amount of sugar through soft drinks, soda and various snacks. You need to be careful while eating doughnuts and pastries. They contain high amount of sugar and sweeteners. Same can be said about French fries. Their yummy taste draws millions of teens and adults to fast food chains. You need to remember these foods are sure fire ways to add to your waistline.

Eating sodium laden foods– This is one contributing factor to obesity though many obese women and men are not aware of it. To save cooking time and hassle, a lot of people resort to canned and frozen foods these days. Some of these pre cooked foods contain high amount of sodium than what is permissible for humans. Excess sodium consumption is bad for your health and it also makes battling obesity an ordeal. Before you buy pre cooked and canned food, read the label for ingredients used and check its sodium content.

Not eating healthy fats– Just because you are on a diet, it does not mean your meals should not contain any fat. On the contrary, every human being needs his or her dose of healthy fats to lead a healthy life. You should eat food that contains omega 3 fatty acids and other healthy fats.

While eating right kind of foods can help you combating obesity, it may not be adequate. You can try hormone based weight loss methods to keep obesity at bay and HCG based diets may be your ideal choice in this regard.

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