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Online and computer based weight management programs can actually help obese lot

Obese men and women try out different methods to lose excess body weight nowadays. However, some of these weight loss measures can actually produce negative effects on the individuals who try them. Many obese people shy away of specialized weight loss diets owing to possible side effects. Similarly, there are lots of fat men and women who cannot work out owing to health problems or simply because they are busy with their professional lives. Medical experts and researchers are always busy trying to find out alternate ways to help obese people lose excess weight.

In a recent development, that can show glimpses of hope to millions of weight loss aspirants, a research team has discovered the prospects of internet and computer guided weight management plans. As per the findings of the study, such weight loss programs can prove to be economical for a majority of obese population. Needless to say, obesity plays a major role behind onset of several killer ailments. When left untreated, it may make you vulnerable to several fatal diseases. Nowadays, people from almost all age groups including children access internet and spend a lot of time online. Therefore, internet may emerge as a viable medium for imparting weight loss training in near future.

The researchers belong to various places in USA including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island etc. The review was based on 4 weight management related studies that was carried out on more than 1600 people as well as another 14 weight loss studies conducted over 2500 people. However, researchers are of the opinion that computer based weight loss interventions tend to be less efficient than face to face treatments and interventions. In reality, health care providers may not always get the chance to treat each obese individual personally and an online approach may be more helpful than no intervention.

The researchers also feel that computer and internet access has reached even remote parts of the world. Therefore, using internet and PCs to provide weight loss management training and tips to interested individuals can be considered on large scale levels. They have not yet included smart phones in their studies so far. However, given the fact smart phones and tablets are becoming preferred mode for internet access for many users, in future, these devices may be included. Latest mobile phone operating systems offer almost same capabilities of computer based operating systems and this does look like a possibility. L. Susan Wieland associated with University of Maryland School of Medicine led this study. Her views on effectiveness of this method were echoed by Karina W. Davidson of Columbia University Medical Center, who also collaborated in this study.

As a matter of fact, newer methods to fight obesity have generated considerable buzz in medical community. Whether it is the new two pills that got approval of FDA or natural extracts highlighted in popular TV talk shows, newer methods to deal with obesity are hogging limelight these days.

It is really good that the medical community is busy figuring out newer and more effective ways to treat obesity. However, you just cannot sit idle waiting for these methods to get final approval. Something needs to be done to stave off the excess weight you already have put on. You may not have penchant for specialized diets or lack enough time to go to gyms. However, you can give the new hormone based weight loss methods a try. Lots of fat persons have benefited from trying these programs. HCG based weight loss plans can be suited for your requirements and a doctor can help you in knowing that.

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