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Nutritious shakes to cut that ugly flab off your figure

While obesity continues to haunt and torment a significant amount of human population in many countries, there is still no specific cure for this menace. It is true that weight loss diets and supplements are aplenty in market but they may not be effective for each obese woman or man. Obesity can be caused by numerous factors and one product or method does not fit bill for entire lot. Besides, a large number of obese persons cannot go to gym because of health conditions and hectic work load. However, there are some other methods that can help you in shaking off excess flab gradually.

You can modify your eating and drinking habits to aid weight loss. In fact, it is important that you become careful about in taking right kind of fluids. Apart from water, you may think of consuming healthy and low calorie shakes to augment fat burning. Healthy shakes comprising of yogurt, milk, fruits can help you in staying healthy and burning more fats. However, it is essential that you know how to take diet friendly milkshakes and other type of shakes.

It would be a good idea to take milkshakes and shakes made of low fat yogurt at breakfast. In fact, if you do not have time to prepare and eat fruits and sandwiches at breakfast, a glass of low fat shake will help you in staying full for long. It will also save you from hunger pangs which often lead to gorging on fast and junk foods. It would be a prudent idea to make shakes at home rather than buying them from shops and malls. Commercially sold shakes may contain artificial sweetening agents and preservatives that are not suited for health conscious and fat persons. You should avoid shakes that have high protein amounts to fight weight gain. Similarly, shakes with high amount of fructose and sugar are not suited for obese lots.

To make healthy fruit based shakes at home, you can use ether low calorie milk or yogurt with fruits like strawberry, banana, mango and litchi etc. Ideally, fruits with high amount of fiber and nutrients should be used. If you use fruits that are naturally sweet avoid using sugar. To make the shake healthy, add some amount of soy protein powder. Blend everything in a juicer and serve with ice cubes. It would be ideal if you use fresh and organic fruits for making these juices. Occasionally, you can also add chocolate to the shake for variation in taste but the amount should be watched. You can also add cashew, raw nuts and cherry in limited amount to shakes to enhance flavor.

You can make healthy shakes in large amounts and store them in refrigerator for consuming later. However, for health reasons, do not store shakes for more than a few days.  Apart from breakfast, you can use shakes before workouts and in between meals. To make healthy and yummy shakes, you can resort to the web. In various websites, you can find a lot of recipes for making low calorie nutritious shakes.

Consuming homemade low fat shakes can be helpful for your weight loss mission. However, as doctors suggest, eating habit changes alone cannot bring you long term weight loss benefits.  You need to combine healthy eating with an active lifestyle. However, depending on your fitness levels, health and age, hormone based weight loss therapies can be good for you. Several obese men and women have benefited from them. You can opt for HCG based weight loss programs in this regard. A qualified doctor would be able to enlighten you properly.

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