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Newer weight loss methods appear, widening choices for obese individuals

For losing unwanted and excess fat, obese men and women can go to almost any length these days. They try everything from gyms to special weight loss diets. However, there is no such miracle therapy to cure obesity. There exist several weight loss pills and supplements but they cannot give you an hour glass figure within a few days. The health experts suggest that obese persons need to combine a balanced diet with active lifestyle habits to keep excess weight at bay. Researchers and scientists are always trying to find new and more effective methods to help obese lot shed excess fat. Some of the new discoveries are quite amazing and unusual. They have managed to create quite a stir in medical community.

The latest development to create a sensation among weight loss seeking individuals is a perfume. For the first time, you can buy a perfume that according to the claim of the manufacturers will help you in becoming slim. The company, Velds, has named the slimming perfume as Prends–moi, which literally means ‘take me’.  The brand also claims that the perfume comes with aromatherpeutic properties which will be of use to fat women and men.

The perfume contains ingredients that send a message of pleasure and satisfaction to brain and users feel less need to gorge on foods. A clinical trial carried out on women showed positive results. It will prevent the urge to overeat or gorge on snacks between two meals, according to the manufacturer of the perfume. The perfume does not look much different from regular perfumes. The aroma combines flavors of grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot. It does not contain much alcohol. The perfume also contains elements like carnitine, spirulina extract and caffeine which enhances body metabolism levels, resulting in optimum fat burning.

In another development, Goliath Labs has come up with a new weight loss supplement that can help your weight loss plans. It comes close on heels of two weight loss drugs that got FDA approval. The new supplement named Thermoloid has proven thermogenic attributes to facilitate fat burning in human body. It combats weight gain through multiple ways including appetite suppression and reduction in fat absorption. It also helps in enhancing body’s energy levels so that you can exercise for longer period without feeling exhausted, says the manufacturer. However, you need to adhere to a proper diet and active lifestyle to let the supplement work properly.

In past, Thermogenic supplements had been used to aid athletes and bodybuilders. However, nowadays, it is being used to help obese individuals. The supplement contains caffeine and green tea extract, though in small amounts, components that aid in losing weight, as studies have shown. The company has refrained from any aggressive advertising mad marketing for this product. While it remains to be seen how these new advents in weight loss industry affects medical community and obese lot, one thing is clear. People who want to lose excess weight have more options than ever before.

You can try out dietary supplement and medications for weight loss. If you want, there are several weight loss diets available. However, you need to remember that no one of these can resolve your obesity problems like magic. Besides, these weight loss methods are not entirely devoid of side effects. It would be much better if you opt for medically tested weight loss palms that minimize possibilities of side effects. Hormone based weight loss plans have brought lasting relief from obesity to several fat individuals. You need to check out if HCG based weight loss plans can be suitable for your obesity problems.

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