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New ways to evaluate weight loss drugs proposed

Weight loss aspirants leave practically no stone unturned to gain a slimmer physique. They try everything from exercise to special weight loss diets for this purpose. However, there are a huge number of obese persons who cannot try either of these methods owing to several reasons. Some of them are skeptical about effectiveness of weight loss diets or feel worried about prospect of side effects. Similarly, lots of obese persons skip exercise owing to ailments or health related complications. That explains why a lot of them try weight loss pills as easy solutions.

In recent times, the FDA gave its approval for commercial sale of two weight loss pills. The approval has made news in global health community and a lot of obese users are hopeful of using these pills to lose excess body weight. If reports are to be beloved, the FDA may even approve another weight loss pill soon. A panel of weight loss experts backed by industry has recommended how the new weight loss pills should be prescribed and used. This is really important for obese women and men who want to use these weight loss pills. Of course, these recommendations are also relevant to doctors and health experts who would be recommending these drugs to candidates in near future.

The expert panel has said in its view that the FDA should make clear the facts to users regarding what they can expect in reality from these weight loss pills. As a matter of fact, both the weight loss drugs can help users lose up to 10 percent of their body weight, while they adhere to recommended diet and healthy lifestyle habits. As expected, such weight loss will not dramatically alter their appearance. Unhealthy lifestyle habits and fondness for junk foods will be detrimental for the users of these drugs

The expert panel is of the opinion that in future the FDA should adopt new and better ways to approve newer medications. As it is well known the FDA has been particularly skeptical and rigid about approving weight loss drugs. It has rejected applications of several health and pharmaceutical companies in past owing to possibilities of side effects. As a matter of fact, both the weight loss drugs approved by FDA in recent times can produce side effects in some obese persons including pregnant women. Doctors will be asked to caution the patients before recommending any of the weight loss drugs. In the past, there had been instances of FDA withdrawing approval for specific weight loss drugs after giving approval.

While Belviq and Qsymia have shown better results compared to Placebo group of weight loss drugs, there are detractors of both the products. The panel has said that in future the FDA should include effect of upcoming weight loss pills on mobility, life quality as well as joint pain thoroughly. So far the FDA has been careful about evaluating effects of such products on the physique and health of a person.

Owing to medical practice laws and extensive tests that manufacturers of these two weight loss drugs will carry out in coming months, you can expect the pills to be made available by the end of year. However, resorting to a weight loss pills may not be good enough for your weight loss needs. If you want to get a slimmer physique and keep those ugly layers of fat away for long, switching to a medically tried weight loss regime makes sense. In this context, you can try hormone based weight loss methods. HCG based diets have been found beneficial by many obese persons and they can fit your bill too.

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