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New study indicates at positive aspects of weight loss surgeries

Being overweight can be a huge problem for adults and that explains why every year millions of individuals try various weight loss methods. There is no dearth of such methods to get rid of excess fat. However, not every fat person can benefit from the same process. Those who lack time for exercise or find adhering to a particular diet kind of taxing, opt for weight loss surgeries. While weight loss surgeries are not without their share of drawbacks and controversies, a recent study has indicated at numerous benefits of such surgical methods. On an average, people with huge amounts of stubborn body fat opt for such weight loss surgeries.

The new study indicates, bariatric surgery can bring more than just weight loss benefits to individuals who opt for such advanced surgical treatments. The benefits are related to personal life and overall health, as per the finding of this study. These surgeries can help people with huge amounts of body fat to lose the excess flab quickly and in large amounts. There are instances of fat women and men losing as much as 100 pounds after such surgeries. The cost can vary depending on factors like age and health of candidate and amount of fat that needs to be removed etc.

This study was carried out by researchers at Arizona State University. They wanted to see how candidates cope with their health and weight post such surgeries. They conducted the study on more than 200 persons hailing from varying age groups. All the candidates were adults. Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, who was involved in the study, said that the finding was a bit surprising. Researchers were mostly expecting the impacts to be negative but their findings showed otherwise. After undergoing such weight loss surgeries, majority of candidates got health benefits. The candidates gave the feedback that after undergoing surgeries problems related with cholesterol, sleeping problems and diabetes diminished.

Needless to say, the candidates gave the feedback that post surgery they felt the urge to be more mobile than ever before. A number of candidates reported that their relations with family members and friends seemed to have improved post surgery. A number of candidates also reported a marked decrease in depression after having surgery. Doris A. Palmer, another author of this study said that the findings corroborate the theory that body weight is directly and indirectly related to one’s well being and happiness. However, even after undergoing the surgery, some candidates may have to deal with appearance related issues. These include sagging skin related issues which may need undergoing cosmetic surgeries which can be quite expensive for some candidates.

The findings of this new study were unveiled at American Sociological Association’s 107th Annual Meeting. As it’s well known, a huge number of obese women and men are going for Bariatric Surgery every year in countries in Europe and the USA. American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery data indicates more than 200000 such surgeries were performed in 2009 and the number is going up with time.

Weight loss surgeries may have various health benefits and many fat persons are opting for it. However, it does not necessarily mean every fat individual will have to undergo such surgeries. You should try your chances with non surgical weight loss methods first. Apart from the usual diets and exercise, there are some hormone based therapies you can think of trying. HCG based weight loss methods have brought lasting relief from excess body weight to plenty of obese persons. This hormone driven weight loss method can fit your bill and you should seek expert medical advice.

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