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Low fat Indian foods to lose excess weight

Excess body weight or obesity has become a health menace that affects a large part of human population all over the world.  People from different age groups and ethnicity fall prey to it. Obesity not only lowers your self esteem but it can also make you vulnerable to a number of ailments, some of them fatal. There are several ways to shake off excess flab, but not all of them brig positive results for all obese persons. Some of them may even cause side effects. It is advisable that you seek expert medical guidance before trying new weight loss diet or exercise. However, health experts agree that eating low fat and nutritious foods can help you in fighting weight gain.

There are various diets like Mediterranean and Thai diet that have foods suited for obese lot. However, you can also try some typical Indian foods to fight obesity. Indian cuisine comprises of diverse low fat vegetarian and meat based dishes. While some Indian dishes can be fat laden with a little caution you can pick delicious and healthy Indian dishes as well. There are several Indian foods that are made with thermogenic spices like chilly and black pepper. These foods can enhance your body metabolism and impact fat burning process. You can also use ginger and garlic for same reason in making Indian dishes.

However, when you make Indian dishes it is imperative that you choose right ingredients, spices, oils and condiments to make them. In typical Indian cuisine, mustard and coconut oil are used. However, you should not make dishes with oils that contain trans-fat as it will increase your calorie intake. It would also be nice to use whole grain and flour instead of refined versions in making food.  Avoid using butter or excess oil with flour made rolls like parathas and rotis. Similarly, use skimmed milk for making milk based dishes. Indians make lots of sweets from milk and cottage cheese. You can also use tofu instead of paneer which is used in making a lot of yummy vegetarian dishes in India. It would also be a good idea to use soy milk in place of coconut milk for keeping calorie count on lower side.

Indians typically eat lots of lean fish and meat. These can be good for fighting obesity. However, you should have fish or chicken in grilled and baked form with low amount of oil used. Indian dishes also comprise of plenty of low fat and fiber rich vegetables. You can also have fresh fruits and yogurt as side dishes with these dishes. To add more flavors to foods, add spices like whole cumin and curry leaves. In fact a number of Indian dishes are made with curry leaves. It will be far better than using fat laden sauces. Curry leaves help in digestion and makes intestine and stomach work properly. You can search the web for finding more information on low fat Indian recipes. There are several sites that contain healthy and tasty Indian recipes.

Low fat and nutritious Indian dishes can help you in combating weight gain to an extent. You can make these foods without much hassle at home as well. However, health experts feel that making changes in foods alone cannot bring expected results for weight loss aspirants. Along with food, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle to get rid of excess weight on a long term basis. You can opt for modern hormone based weight loss therapies for this. HCG based weight loss plans have benefited several obese persons and they can also bring relief to you from obesity problem.

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