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Lose weight by including figs in your meals

Losing excess body weight has become a priority for a major part of population in various countries of the world. Obesity has turned out to be a major health hazard and medical community is trying its best to come up with a solution. It is true that there are a number of weight loss methods including special diets, exercises and supplements. However, not every fat man or woman can avail benefits from these methods. Some weight loss diets can trigger adverse effects on health. Some obese persons cannot resort to exercises for health complications. However, you can always include low calorie and nutrient rich vegetables in your diet to lose weight consistently.

There are plenty of fiber rich vegetables that can be a part of your weight loss diet. However, you should opt for those vegetables that are easily available and does not burden your wallet. You can try fig to help your weight loss aspirations. This fruit was originally harvested in Middle East region and now it is harvested in many countries including Greece and Turkey. They belong to mulberry family of fruits. Most of the times, you will find them in dried form as they do not remain fresh for long time.

Figs are suitable for weight loss because they contain lots of fiber and also pack in lots of nutrients. In 100 grams of figs you get as much as 250 mg calcium. It aloes contains nutrients like phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. The fiber in fig aids digestion thus enhancing toxin elimination. The nutrients help in boosting metabolism level in body which is helpful for fat burning. Figs have also been used from ancient times to heal several ailments and physical complications in humans. Dried figs are quite healthy as they contain omega 3 fatty acids. You can use figs in making jam, preserves and pies and there will hardy be any need to use sugar. This way you can reduce amount of calorie consumed per day gradually.

It is important that you know how to buy and select figs for eating. It would be best if you can acquire ripe figs. This is because at this stage the fruit contains maximum amount of antioxidants. Ripe figs can be stored in refrigerator but they cannot be stored more than 3 days or so. That is a reason most of the uses opt for dried figs. You can find dried figs at malls and market all over year. However, it would be better if you can buy organically harvested fig.

If you get figs that are not ripe you can store them in normal room temperature and the place should not have exposure to direct sunlight. Apart from cooking them with vegetables, you can also use figs in fruit salads. They also taste good when served as a side dish with animal meat based dishes. To extend their shelf life you can store figs in air tight containers.

It is true that by including fig and similar low calorie vegetables you can lose excess weight. However, to get relief from obesity it is necessary to put in more efforts to lose weight effectively. Doctors and health experts always stress on importance of physical exercise and calorie burning activities for obese women and men. Apart from exercise and low calorie foods, you can think of resorting to alternative weight loss therapies. A lot of obese men and women nowadays go for hormone based therapies to combat obesity. You can find out if HCG based weight loss methods are suited for your needs. These methods neither take much time nor come with many side effects.

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