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Know facts about artificial sweeteners that can help you fight obesity

To get rid of excess body weight people resort to a number of methods nowadays. All of these methods may not be equally effective, though. There are a number of special diets for losing weight and some of them can make you lose weight fast. However, they can also cause adverse effects on your body and that is why several obese persons cannot try these diets. Similarly, exercise remains out of bounds for several overweight individuals because of health related factors. However, this does not necessarily indicate that if you cannot work out resort to a special diet, you will remain fat for the rest of your life. By making some effective lifestyle and eating habit changes you may be able to shed those stubborn layers of fat off our figure, if you are consistent.

While several eating habit alterations may help you, you may also think of changing sugar with artificial sweeteners to tackle calorie consumption. The latest findings of American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association indicate that this may indeed help you to some extent in your weight loss efforts. However, researchers are of the opinion that you need to use artificial sweetening agents in making food smartly to change your body’s response to calorie intake. When calorie consumption amount goes down, a person can shed excess weight and this in turn lowers his chances of getting affected by ailments like diabetes and cardiac disorders.

The researchers however make it clear that just changing the sweetener will not bring any drastic improvement in losing body weight if an obese individual sticks to other unhealthy eating habits. For example, if you are addicted to colas and aerated drinks then changing sugar with a sweetening gent will not bring much benefit to you. There are some sugar alternatives like saccharin, neotame and sucralose that can be used in place of sugar in making foods. However, there exist contradictory evidences on their effects on health.

In some instances, sweetener based foods can reduce calorie intake for an individual. For instance, when you take non-nutritive sweeteners based drinks, your blood glucose level does not shoot up. However, it would be a mistake to assume that any food made with non nutritive sweetener can be regarded as a healthy or low fat food. There are several other aspects to consider in this regard feel the researchers.

Earlier studies indicated that diets replete with high amounts of sugar can raise amounts of triglycerides and make a person obese. Researchers are of the opinion that obese persons can use non sugar sweeteners in making foods and that can help them in lowering calorie intake. However, they need to monitor and control their overall eating patterns for greater and long term benefits. You should not eat high calorie foods while using other sweeteners instead of sugar for best results. Besides, portion control is also necessary. When you eat foods made with artificial sweeteners, there is no reason to think you can eat a lot because these foods are low calorie. It is mostly a psychological mistake some obese persons make.

While using sugar free sweetening agents in making foods, you should ensure that you use a low fat and fiber rich foods. It would be good if you can get a balanced diet prepared by a diet expert. However, relying on food and eating habits alone may not be adequate for combating obesity effectively. Like several other obese women and men, you can think of trying hormone based weight loss plans. HCG based weight loss programs can prove to be beneficial to you in this regard.


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