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How you can use Asian dishes and herbs for weight loss

In the European nations and a large part of USA, lifestyle and eating habits have given rise to obesity epidemic, as health experts have observed. Addiction to TV and doing every work online has resulted in reduced mobility and unhealthy eating habits have worsened the scenario. Right from kids to elderly lot, large part of population in these countries suffers from excess body weight. Diet experts have suggested seeking relief in alternate eating habits. If you want healthy foods that help you in losing excess weight, you can give Asian foods and herbs a try.

Eating habits in Asian countries including Japan and Thailand tend to be drastically different from that of European countries and the USA. There are several low fat and nutritious foods in Asian diet that you can try to attain a slimmer physique. These foods can be cooked easily and procuring the ingredients is not much tough either.

One major component in Asian diet is green tea. This has proven antioxidant properties and can help you in staying fit as you shed excess flab. It also offers significant health benefits and helps in lowering cholesterol levels. However, you need to find right kind of green tea as there are many variants available in market. It would be a good idea to avoid drinking artificially flavored tea. Drinking quality herbal tea instead of soft drinks will be suitable for you in this regard.

A major aspect of Asian diet is reliance on plant and herbs rather than dairy products. It is true that dairy products offer you calcium and other nutrients but they are also a major source of fat. You can limit your intake of dairy products and use only skimmed milk and yogurt in moderation to fight fat buildup. Asians like to eat lots of fish in their meals. Some fish can be a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which can help you in fighting obesity. This compound, found in fish species like sardines, tuna and salmon also offer a number of nutrients that help in enhancing metabolism in body. Fish can be used in making sandwich and salads as well.

Rice is also an inseparable part of Asian diet. You can take brown rice in meals as it contains more nutritional value than polished white rice. Asians also eat lots of fiber enriched vegetables and fruits that help them in staying fit and slim.  Apart from that, you also need to be careful about the way fish and vegetable is cooked. In Asian cuisine, oils with trans fat are not much used. You can try light sautéing and grilling while making foods. Usage of thermogenic spices like cumin and ginger will make your food tastier and help in burning fat.

You can search for Asian low fat recipes online. There are several such recipes which you can download and try cooking at home. Even at some Asian restaurants you can find dishes that will help in keeping your waistline within a limit.

It is true that change in eating habits and cooking can help your weight loss efforts. However, as health experts suggest, for long term relief from obesity you cannot depend solely on food changes. It is essential that you think of weight loss plans that bring you extensive benefits in this regard. If you are skeptical about weight loss diets and do not have time for hitting gym regularly, there are alternate solutions. You can get in touch with doctors for knowing more on hormone driven weight loss plans. HCG based diets can fit your bill as they have with several obese persons.


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