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How women can lose excess weight at home

Excess weight can become a major hassle for any man or woman, irrespective of ethnicity or age. In recent times, developed and developing nations worldwide are finding it tough to cope with obesity and excess weight related disorders. While getting rid of excess weight can be difficult for both men and women, for some women it becomes a daunting task. If you are a working professional then you may not find enough time to exercise or resort to physical activities after doing work ad attending to daily chores. Women who have a number of kids find it hard to find time for obvious reasons. However, that does not mean that being a woman you cannot lose excess weight. By adopting some clever lifestyle changes and eating habits, you can gradually get rid of obesity.

You may not be aware of these small details but factors like colors, smells and shapes around you may affect your appetite and mood. When you are feeling bad, you may also feel like binge eating, which may result in weight gain. That is why, you should take steps to have a proper ambience in house that does not motivate you to eat more than what you need! Even the lighting used in your kitchen can play a role here. It would be a good idea to use bright lighting in your kitchen. It has been observed that dim lighting makes food look more appealing, which can encourage binge eating.

Colors can evoke specific feelings in human mind and it has been corroborated by numerous researches. The colors used in your kitchen walls and floors can also have an impact on your mind. It would be a good idea not to paint the walls in your kitchen using bright hues like red and yellow. Blue would be a suitable shade. You can also use accessories with muted color for this reason in your kitchen.

You can implement portion control while eating at home. You may buy plates and glass that can hold a certain amount of foods and drinks. This will cut down chances of over eating and taking in more calories than required.

There are many other ways to boost your mood and fight depression. When you are depressed you feel like finding comfort in foods even when you are not much hungry. You can use room sprays and perfumes with essential oils that have a relaxing effect on your nerves. Similarly, you can listen to soothing music to boost your mood when you feel down.

Make it a habit to shop for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat when you buy groceries. Processed foods last for long time but they also come with risk of added calories and fat. It would be a good idea to shop at an organic food store. Organic produce maybe costlier but it will not add to your waistline much. You can also use herbs and spices for cooking that can boost your body metabolism. You can also get rid of junk and fast foods that you gorge on in between meals. Try to use fresh fruits and baked snacks instead of deep fried variants at home.

By adoring suitable lifestyle changes you can aid weight loss processes. Taking low fat foods are also good in this regard. However, to get rid of obstinate fatty layers in your body for long term, it is ideal that you try a tried and tested method. Nowadays, lots of women are opting for hormone based weight loss therapies. You can consult veteran doctors and health experts to know your prospects for HCG based weight loss plans.


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