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HCG Diet Recipe ideas

In recent years, alternative weight loss plans have gained popularity. Nowadays, fat persons are more concerned about side effects of weight loss plans and so they no longer go blindly for crash diets. In HCG based weight loss plans, a hormone is used along with low calorie diet to make aspirants lose body weight within a short period minus serious side effects. While HCG based diets were invented several decades back it is only in recent years they are gaining popularity. If you want to try HCG diet, then it is essential that you know what kind of foods you can eat throughout the day while you are on this diet. To get maximum output from such a weight loss diet, it is advisable that you adhere to the food guidelines mentioned in these diet plans.

HCG foods options for breakfast

For some HCG diet followers, breakfast can be optional. However, skipping the breakfast is not recommended even when you want to lose weight, As per HCG diet rules, you can have tea or black coffee. Sugar cannot be used. If you want to use milk in coffee you should not have milk again within 24 hours.

Maintaining Calorie rule in dinner and lunch

The thumb rule in HCG diet is that you cannot exceed 500 calories taken from food you eat per day. Naturally, most of these calories will come from the food you take in dinner and lunch. Ideally, you should eat lean meat, fish and small amounts of vegetables. You can eat various types of meat including shrimp, crab, lobster, white flesh fish, beef and chicken. Before cooking beef or veal, fat should be removed and minimal amount of oil should be used for cooking. You should preferably grill and bake meat for making it suitable for your diet. No matter what meat you eat, be very careful about the portions you eat.

Including vegetable in your diet

With lunch and dinner you can include low calorie vegetables. There are actually various types of vegetables that you can include in your meals. You can eat onions, tomatoes, spinach, asparagus and cabbage. You should try to eat vegetables that are nutrient rich and high in fiber quotient. However, avoid using too much oil for making vegetables. You can use them in steamed and sautéed form to adhere to daily calorie limit. Occasionally, you can also include low calorie fruit like apple and oranges in this diet. They can also be used with main meals.

Beverages you can take in this weight loss diet

You need to be careful about the beverages you take when you are adhering to HCG diets. You can drink regular water along with coffee and tea. However, taking alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited. You should also avoid drinking any juice or smoothie that has sugar or any firm of sweetener.

What kind of spices you can use for making HCG recipe foods

It is also important to use right kind of spices and condiments for making HCG diet foods. Using fat laden condiments like mayonnaise is strictly forbidden. You should use spices and herbs that help in boosting your body metabolism. Examples include pepper, basil, thyme and vinegar. Avoid butter or margarine even as topping on foods. Lemon juice, however, can be used to add to the state of foods.

You should control the urge for gorging on mouthwatering snacks and appetizers when you are trying to adhere to HCG diet. Temptations like burgers and French fries should be avoided at any cost. You should make low fat sandwiches at home to address sudden hunger pangs.

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