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HCG diet Egg recipes that you will love

When you are on HCG diet, you may feel worried about taking right kind of foods as this diet requires you to keep strict watch on calorie intake. However, just because you are trying to lose weight, there is no need to give up eating things you like. You can eat animal protein sources like fish, eggs and chicken as long as the dishes are cooked using suitable spices and condiments. Those who love eating eggs should be glad to know that there are some yummy but low calorie egg recipes that are suitable for HCG diets.

Egg White Omelet with Spinach

To make this yummy omelet, you will need 2 big egg whites, crushed red pepper flakes, pepper and salt. Additionally, you will need a cup of spinach. To make the omelet, heat a pan at medium heat. Next, scramble the egg whites gently in it. Sprinkle pepper and salt on the egg. Now, place the spinach on top of egg white and allow it to get soft. Then flip the egg to make the omelet. Before putting off flame, sprinkle red pepper flakes gently on top of the omelet. You can have this as part of lunch or dinner. It tastes better when you serve the dish hot.

HCG friendly scrambled eggs

For making this dish, you will need about two third cups of egg whites. You will also require tomatoes, onions and mushrooms in sliced form. A small amount of spinach leaves will be needed as well. You need not use much oil to make this dish. If necessary, use small amount of cooking spray. Heat the pan and add a dash of water to sauté the mushroom, tomatoes and onions. When the vegetables become tender, pour the egg white and cook for a few minutes. This dish can be served with hot sauce.

Healthy egg salad

You can have salads while conforming to HCG diet. However, this does not mean you will have to stick only to vegetables. To make HCG friendly egg salad, you will need 1 egg, hard boiled along with 2 egg whites also hard boiled. The eggs should be chopped into medium pieces. Apart from eggs, you will need Low Fat Greek Yogurt, small amounts of dried Dill, sliced green onion and chopped cucumber. Blend eggs with all other ingredients in a bowl. Add salt, pepper with dried dill. Before serving this salad add slices of cucumber and salad in the plate.

Egg drop soup for HCG diet

To make this delicious soup, you will need 4 egg whites. Using 2 cups of veg broth will be needed. However, it would be good if you can use veg broth. To add to taste, use sale, pepper and a small amount of garlic powder. Thinly sliced onions will also be required. To make the soup, boil broth, spices for some time. In the meantime, whisk the egg white so that it becomes almost fluffy. When you find the broth has reached boiling temperature, pour eggs into it. Cook the mix for a few minutes with light stirring. Then you should pour it into bowl and serve the soup. Onion slices can be sprinkled on top of the bowl. You can also serve the dish with some steamed spinach or cabbage with soup as a side dish. Some people also add a little amount of paprika on top of the soup to add to taste.

You can find many low calorie egg recipes suited for HCG diet in web nowadays. A person can have egg dishes twice a week on an average while adhering to this diet.

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