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Effective Tips for cooking Foods for HCG diet followers

Nowadays, a lot of obese women and men are opting for alternative therapies for weight loss. They have become concerned aware of the side effects of quick weight loss programs. While exercise still remains out off bound for many of them, hormone based therapies have come across a glimpse of hope. In recent years, number of followers of HCG based diets has shot up considerably. While HCG diets can help you in losing a considerable amount of weight within short time span, it is important to stick to recommended food. Besides, you should also ensure that the food is cooked in a way so that the calorie count does not exceed the prescribed limit.

It is really important that you know the best way to prepare HCG recipes. While you can use oil in moderation, it would be best if you can cook some foods without oil. This does not necessarily mean that the food will taste bland though. With right spices and cooking techniques you can easily make yummy foods that adhere to HCG diet rules.

There are some methods for cooking food minus oil or with very little amount of oil and ensure the taste is great. For example, you can use various types of meat in HCG diet. To prevent meat from sticking to plate, you should heat the late well before giving meat pieces. You should not move the meat with spoon until it turns little brown. You can add small amount of water later. By reducing dressing and oil you can keep the calorie count within limits. If the dish is supposed to be made with some vegetables, it would be better if you add these after the meat gets a little tender.

It is wrong to think that when you are adhering to HCG weight loss diet, you cannot try diverse foods. On the contrary, HCG diet allows you to eat various kinds of meat and fish as long as you cook them properly. You can cook different meats. For a change you can try seafood and some fish variants that are not too oily. You can also use cottage cheese and tofu sometimes for giving some respite to your taste buds. For cooking meat, you can try using vinegar and dry herbs in place of mayonnaise and oils. Boiling and grilling meat will give you the chance to deplete excess fat. Apart from that, you should look for visible layer on meat chunks. You should ideally purchase lean cuts of animal meat like tenderloins. Try to buy fresh produce and meat as far as possible when you are on this diet. Processed foods can affect your daily calorie intake.

Be careful about the spices you use with dishes. Sprinkling thermogenic spices on top of foods enhances the taste but does not add to calorie count much. You should avoid using any condiments and spices that contain artificial preservatives. Sometimes, you just cannot cook some dishes without oil. For that, you can try light sautéing. You may also use cooking spray instead of butter. You should also use herbs like ginger and garlic. For more ideas on HCG diet friendly foods, you can resort to web. There are so many websites where you can find information on these diets and interesting recipes for followers of this diet.

Even if you need to use cooking oil, avoid using hydrogenated vegetable oils as they can enhance calorie quotient in your foods by a large margin. Instead, you should go for low calorie oils that contain vitamin D. You can use coconut oil and sesame oil for example.

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