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Eat cruciferous and colorful vegetables to lose weight

When you feel like getting rid of the excess body fat that has accumulated over months, it may be a tough task ahead for you. You just cannot melt away all that flab that has gathered around your waistline through years of neglect. Like a lot of obese persons you may not be able to work out regularly owing to an excruciating work schedule or daily chores. For working mothers or women with busy kids, this can be quite an ordeal. Some obese people are unable to work out for medical reasons as well. As for those weight loss diets, you may feel worried about their potential side effects. However, you should not feel down if you cannot try these diets or go to gyms. There exist other effective methods to shed excess body flab.

Health experts are of the opinion that you can succeed in losing excess weight gradually by eating healthy and low fat foods. While there are plenty of such foods, you can try incorporating colorful vegetables and fruits in your meals. Multi colored vegetables are not only low in fat but they also provide your body with plenty of fiber, which is considered a potent weapon to lose weight over time. There are colorful vegetables like carrot, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and zucchini that are also rich in anti oxidants and essential nutrients. So, when you eat these vegetables regularly, not only your body metabolism goes up, you get your dose of nutrients to stay healthy while you lose weight.

Red fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cherries, tomatoes and strawberries are rich in protein. Protein offers your body required energy to stay fit and boosts up metabolism to a level. You can also include yellow fruits like bananas, lemons and corn in your meals. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach are rich in anti oxidants and they help boosting immunity levels of your body. So, when you eat these vegetables and fruits, you get multiple health benefits. For enough fibers and vitamins, eat blue foods like eggplant, purple grapes, blueberries.

You also need to include cruciferous vegetables in your diet to lose weight effectively. These comprise of vegetables like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli.  Vegetables like zucchini and beans can be added to any side dish with ease. These vegetables gel with many other vegetables and at times with animal protein source based dishes. You can also use them in raw or steamed form in salads. You can also make nutritious and low calorie soups using these vegetables. To add to the flavor, you should use spices and herbs that enhance human body metabolism. For finding more interesting and low fat vegetables recipes, you can always resort to the internet.

For best results, you should try to procure organic vegetables. Processed fruits and vegetables may be treated with ingredients that may thwart your weight loss progress. It is better if you use less oil for making dishes with these vegetables as doing so will preserve most of the nutrients. However, in salads and dressings, you can use olive oil as it has health benefits. Using oils that contain trans-fat may not be suitable for your health and weight loss regime.

While using colorful and low fat vegetables can help you in getting slimmer, this may be not enough if you want to keep obesity at bay for long term. For that, you need to adopt some more effective measures. You can try hormone based weight loss plans for effective and long term weight loss. HCG based weight loss programs, in particular, can fit your needs well.

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