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Delicious meat based salads you can try while on HCG diet

When you want to get rid of excess body weight, you need to be really careful about what you eat. When you want to give HCG weight loss plan a try, you need to be even more careful about meals and anything you want. Under this hormone based weight loss plan, your daily calorie intake should not exceed the limit of 500. This can be tough for some weight loss aspirants. As a result, they are often worried about what they should eat. However, following CG diet does not mean disappointing your taste buds. You can try a few meat based salad recipes while following this weight loss regime that taste good but are low in fat.

Thai Cucumber Beef Salad

You will love this salad as a part of meal or even as appetizer. To prepare his yummy salad, you will need 100 grams steak, red pepper flakes, minced garlic, water, 100 grams cucumber, half piece lemon and some cilantro. You will also need ground white pepper. At first, you will have to slice the cucumber well. Next, keep cucumber in a small bowl and bled it with lemon, chopped cilantro. Toss it a few times and keep aside. You should keep it inside fridge for proper marinating. Now, heat up the pan over stove. Slice the steak carefully into thin pieces. Then blend the steak with other spices and lemon juice. Stir fry the steak for a few minutes. Serve it hot with cold cucumber mixture.

Apple Steak Salad for HCG

To make this, you will need finely diced apples, any variant of lettuce that you want, and cilantro leaves. Tear the lettuce in a wide shaped bowl and dice the apple and toss it in. Dice the steak into thin pieces and keep it in a different bowl after grilling. Marinate the steak with freshly cut cilantro leaves and salt. After a few minutes, pour the steak slices over the apple and lettuce mix. Blend it well and serve. You can add some mayonnaise once your HCG diet regime gets over.

Low fat Oriental Beef Salad

This beef salad has a quintessential Thai flavor about it. To make this you need about 450 grams of beef sirloin steaks. Other ingredients include soy sauce, red Thai chilis, garlic clove, refreshing root ginger, spring onions, red pepper and a lettuce. You will also need juice of 2 lemons, toasted sesame seeds, half cucumber and onion. For dressing, you will need lemon juice, honey, soy sauce and a chilly. You should add salt as per your choice.

Keep the steaks in a dish separately. Mix garlic, with ginger and chilies and also pour in soy sauce. Next, pour the lemon juice on the steaks and marinate steaks. You can keep the marinated steak for an hour in refrigerator though some people prefer to keep it stored overnight. After that, grill the steaks with marinade sauce. After it is cooked, slice it into smaller pieces. Next, blend the pepper, onion, chopped cucumber, lettuce and coriander leaves and keep the mixture inside a large bowl. After that, put the sliced and grilled steaks into the large bowl. Mix all ingredients for dressing together for a few minutes and pour it over the salad. It should suffice for 4 adults.

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