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Coaches can aid you in weight loss, says new study

Despite the availability of various medications and methods, woes of obese people are far from over. Typical weight loss drugs work in a limited way and they can cause side effects on some fat persons. The same thing can be said about typical weight loss diets. While exercise and fat burning activities yield positive results over time, a lot of fat persons cannot do them owing to lifestyle and health reasons. That is a reason scientist and researchers are busy discovering newer methods and products that can aid in burning fat effectively.

In a new research, it has been revealed that health coaches can help obese women and men become slimmer over time. It was discovered in a behavioral weight loss program. The study indicates the candidates who took assistance of guide or coaches were able to shed more body fat compared to their peers who did not have a coach. Tricia M. Leahey, involved with Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center of The Miriam Hospital led the study. In her view, the results indicate obese persons can gain by keeping a coach along with while undergoing a weight loss program. The study was not carried out on massive scale and the findings are kind of preliminary but the researchers are optimistic about the outcome.

The findings come at a time when weight loss medications are being approved amidst doubts of their effectiveness doing the rounds. Obesity continues to haunt a major part of population in developed nations including the USA. It also paves way for a number of cardiac and nervous system related ailments. While professional health care providers are best suited for acting as health coaches, an obese person can also opt for a peer or friend. This study was carried out on more than 40 persons over duration of 24 weeks.

Miriam researchers allotted candidates to work with different health coaches- a mentor, peer and professional. All three groups of candidates met with significant success in losing weight. However, candidates assisted by either a professional or peer coaches lost more weight compared to their counterparts who were guided by mentors.  However, around half of candidates succeeded in losing 10 percent of their body weight. The findings of the study were published later in journal Obesity.

In fact, it is logical to keep a coach to succeed in weight loss goals. When a fat man or woman starts a weight loss regime, his or her activities and schedules need to be monitored. The person himself may overlook or be complacent about some aspects. However, with another person monitoring or taking note of things, the person may get the required assistance and can understand the areas of deficiency. A professional coach may also help a person in finding out flaws in his or her diet and workout regimens. A mentor can encourage weight loss aspirations when they lack will power or think of giving up the regime altogether.

You can resort to the help of a peer or mentor for succeeding in weight loss regime. However, at times, depending only on food and exercises may not yield expected results. If you want long term relief from menace of weight gain. It is clear you need to do more. Medically proven and tried weight loss plans may suit your bill. There are numerous options but hormone based weight loss plans have become quite popular. These plans can benefit both adult women and men who are overweight. You can get in touch with a professional and veteran doctor to learn more about HCG based weight loss plans and your compatibility for them.

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