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Why you need to wait before starting newly approved obesity drugs

There is no magical cure or single solution for obesity even though it is considered as one of the most severe health hazards today. A significant part of population in many developed countries suffers from obesity and researches are going on to find a feasible cure for this menace. While there are a substantial number of special diets for obese individuals and exercises, not all fat persons benefit from them. Besides, owing to career and lifestyle factors, some obese persons cannot adhere to these regimes properly and consistently.  Of late, a handful of weight loss medications have been approved for general use and this has created considerable buzz in medical community.

It is well known by now that the FDA had given its approval for usage of two weight loss products, Belviq and Qsymia, manufactured by Arena and Vivus pharmaceuticals respectively. These weight loss medications got FDA nod after a number of previous attempts by their manufacturers to convinced FDA yielded negative results. Needless to say, the step take by FDA has created considerable interest in obese people who want an easy solution to lose weight. It will take some more months for these drugs to hit shelves as per latest updates. Their final pricing are yet to be announced by manufacturers.

However, those obese men and women who are thinking these weight loss drugs will work like a miracle, are going to be disappointed. The manufacturers and FDA have made it clear that to get weight loss benefits from both the products, candidates will have to adhere to active lifestyle and stick to a nutrient rich balanced diet. Besides, Qsymia is not suitable for just any obese adult. Owing to its attributes that can damage fetus, pregnant women or those who want to conceive a child, should not use this medication. The obese persons who suffer from hyperthyroidism or glaucoma should not be prescribed this weight loss medication, for possibilities of increase in heart rate.

Both these weight loss drugs are suitable for use by obese persons who have a BMI of 27 and upwards. They can be useful for persons with required BMI and obesity related ailments like high cholesterol and diabetes. A lot of obese people who are excited by the FDA decision are curious about how much weight loss can be expected by use of these drugs. Under standard test conditions, Belviq users have been shown to lose 5 percent of their body weight. Qsymia helps people to lose up to 10 percent of their body weight.

FDA initially had turned own applications of both Arena and Vivus owing to some side effects each of the drugs has. However, the companies carried out extensive test results to prove possibilities of those side effects are minimal. Qsymia may not suitable for people with cardiac ailments. Belviq may trigger memory and attention deficit in some individuals, as per FDA revelations. FDA in fact has instructed both the companies to carry out long term study on the weight loss drug to find out other possible side effects.

While obese individuals in USA and other European countries are upbeat about this development, detractors of weight loss pills have their own take on this. They feel that test candidates taking these drugs lost an amount of weight under closely monitored and carefully designed clinical trials. In real world scenarios the effectiveness of these drugs may not be that great. They also hint at previous instances of approved weight loss drugs taken back from market after finding of newer side effects. You can think of resorting to hormone based weight loss therapies. HCG based weight loss plans can benefit you considerably.

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