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Why a fruit and vegetable based weight loss diet may not be suited for you

There is no denying the dangers of excess weight on human life. Obesity can cripple your life in several ways and can lower your level of self esteem too. To combat this menace, obese persons try various options like diets and exercises. However, there are several obese women and men who cannot try these owing to both life style and health restrictions. A number of health experts suggest that obese lot should include a fair amount of vegetables and fruits in their meals to get rid of excess body weight.  While fresh vegetables and fruits are good for obese people, they should take these in moderation.  Excessive use of fruits and vegetables may not be good for your health in some instances. It is prudent that you know the side effects of resorting to fruit and vegetable based diets.

You should be careful about eating fruits that contain high amounts of fructose. It is a natural form of sugar that is found in several sweet and juicy fruits. If you eat fructose rich fruits in a huge amount it can actually raise your calorie intake. This will not help you in losing excess body weight. It is also important to note what sort of fruit you are eating. You should select plenty of low fiber and nutrient rich fruits like citrus fruits, apple and berries. Organic and fresh fruits should be your choice. Canned fruits and juices sold commercially in market are often enriched in sugar syrup and contain artificial sweeteners. These will not fetch you any benefit.

Some people may have allergy to specific foods and including those fruits in your diet can be risky. It will lead to digestion and other health related problems. To ensure you get the best out of fruits, ensure you do not store them in fridge for a long time as it can rob them of essential nutrients. It would be a good idea to make fruit juices at home or drink coconut water. Commercially sold fruit juices contain a number of ingredients and sweeteners that can be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

Vegetables are good for losing weight but relying entirely on them to lose weight may not be a good idea for some individuals. While vegetables contain more or less all vital nutrients needed by human body, t may not be possible for you to eat all such vegetables in your meals. If you miss out on any essential nutrient owing to lack of animal meat intake, it may affect your metabolism and fitness level. While you can surely eat plenty of leafy green vegetables in your meals, it may e a good idea to take vitamin and mineral supplement products once in a while. You may have difficulty in digesting some vegetables and in such a situation, consuming animal meat and protein sources would be a good idea. It would be best if you can get a diet chart prepared by a veteran diet expert. This will be much more helpful than going for an all vegetable diet driven by marketing and popular trends.

It is important that you watch what you consume during a weight loss regime. Getting a diet chart mad by expert dieticians and doctors can help you to an extent. However, for long lasting weight loss results you need to put in more efforts. Working out and physical activities are advisable in this context. However, you can also think about trying hormone based obesity therapies. HCG based weight loss plans, in particular, have helped lots of fat persons become slimmer and they may fit your requirements as well.

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